Rose Photo Gallery.Flower pictures-Images of red rose,pink roses,amaranth rose,rose flower and bud,orange rose etc photographed in macro camera mode

A gallery of fresh rose flowers. Pixelshots, hereby presents before you my beloved readers a bunch of rose flowers from home gardens here around .

Rose flower colors & emotional meanings
You may have sometimes heard that flowers are many but Rose is special among them..Not mere a saying i think, for the flower has its significance and we uses it in occasions in different variants of their colours.. hmm you may be aware that each roses we presents someone conveys our emotions in colours and fragrance....

These flowers stand out from the group for each colour of these rose flowers are assigned a special emotion to it and i don't know about another group of flowers that can be used to show emotions......Welcome to a gallery of red roses,pink roses,white roses,rose coloured roses,yellow roses, hmm i may collect more for you next time..........

Giving you bunches of of red roses, varities of pink roses,orange roses etc..
The photos here are taken by my friend Arun using his mobile phone camera(SonyEricsson k750i) and i thank him for such lovely shots...

red roses closeups photograph taken from home gardens,cute red rose flower photographed in macro focus mode of digital cameraA single red rose... means "I love You"

Hmm i hope these ones are the extensively used ones by the youth, especially on the very occasion of valentines. oh we cant give a season to express love, and so guys you needn't have to wait till valentine to give him/her a red rose, and the results, oh i don't wanna ask...its all yours.......

The rose taken with right hand shows that the person accepts your love, but taken with left hands shows disagreement to you...

you may know what this colour indicates when its given to some one...yeaa the ultimate way to express love for some one ...... inspite of roses the red colour itself indicates love, sacrifice and all, and your partner may love it when red is given with a little fragrance and a sweet smile...Thats what a red rose is all about... my best wishes!!

And keep in mind a bunch of 12 red roses exactly means be mine or "am in love with you"...And a bouquet of 25 red roses is meant to say congratulations to some one..

Red roses are also used to show respect admiration and devotion..

pink rose flower closeup photograph,photo of garden roseplant and flowers photographed in macro mode of digital cameraA light pink rose flower.........To be exact the colour is cherry blossom pink..

A single pink rose denotes, "i like you"...Talking about the emotions in colour the pink conveys mild ones, like admiration, joy and gratitude. light pink roses cannote innocence and sweetness..and guys, related to sex the pink colour is lethal...That's pink denotes homosexuality..there are newspapers and magazines named pink which covers on subject homosexuality, lesbianism etc.....But when comes to rose flowers the colour moreover represents what i have already mentioned above..

I admire the way my friend took this photo, exactly the view from which a flower may be watched close...

roses flowers in pink and white mixed coloured rose petals,photo from home gardenpink rose with white streaks on the petals....

Here comes a special colour combination in with white streaks...When giving away roses to someone you can convey your mixed feelings by giving a bouquet of mixed colours, like a combination of red and white roses indicates i love you deeply with honourable intension...

You can mix the colours of roses randomly and convey him or her that "i don't know exactly what i feel about you, but like you enough to send a bouquet of roses"..

red roses closeup photo taken from gardens in kerala,rose flower with bud soaked in the rain water,rose flowers found in kerala india"Amaranth Red Rose..Hmm seems she is waiting for her younger sister bud to bloom with her"

To be precise, this reddish rose colour variation of the rose flower is termed in one word as Amaranth..

This is the type of rose seen abundantly in our place..and you can see the beauty is a little drenched in the rain and though fresh...Whatever the variation of red colour the colour shows love, depending on the variation in colour it indicates variants of amaranth red rose shows long standing desire for someone.

orange rose flower half bloomed closeup flower photo,from gardens of kerala indiaCan i term this as a light Orange rose flower!!!

She is only half bloomed, you may have noticed the curly petals in the middle...
These colour of roses denotes energy and extreme passion or desire to something..These rivals the red as these act as messengers of passion in romance.. orange roses are occasionally used to show intense pride and desire on someone..

The rose Photo Gallery continues.. A bunch of yellow roses to you.. Lets start our friendship here.

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  2. I enjoyed your rose photos here and plan to come back and read more of what was written about each one. I, too, love roses. I have a blogspot called anaspinkroses. Come visit me!

  3. Nice Rose Flower Collection..

  4. Really Beautiful flowers, literally we can say flowers are the most beautiful creation of nature in the world, when we see flowers we can't imagine the creativity of god!!!

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