Jew town- mattancherry,images of antiques shops,paintings shops,macro mode photos of toys and timber mini chess board,biggest chembu -copper vessel

Again some more photos from the mattancherry town of kerala state..The photos posted are from a leisure time trip when we were studying for some courses in cochin.You may see some images on the shops along the sides of the jew street of this town..

Photos of paintings shop, Macro mode shot of mini chess board, the jew street photos,a huge copper vessel which is used traditionally in kerala, and is called chembu in our language Malayalam... They claimed that chembu is the largest ever built..And the last image is the photo of some photos on Kerala'a scenic beauty and culture..

paintings selling shop in mattancherry town of kerala cochin,photograph of oil and ordinary paintings in display infront of shopJew town, Mattancherry, saw that in the photo??

And here came something different..A shop entirely for paintings.. You have to watch them in real..They are amazing piece of art... Certainly the place has a tradition in the art of painting..You can see great oil and vegetable pigment paintings in the Dutch Palace Museum near to this Jew Street..

The greatest peculiarity of the museum is that the museum (late dutch palace) walls has a special type of painting called Mural Art.The painting done by the Cochin Rajah on the palace walls..The speciality of that painting is the entire colours used were made from vegetables egg yolks etc.. The entire Subject for the painting is taken from Hindu Holy Books like Ramayana, Mahabharatha and Bhagavatgeetha..

You have to see the paintings done by the painters of that time in the museum apart from the Mural art by Rajah... The paintings of pictures of Rajahs of cochin are stunning and you will feel those people standing alive before you in the museum...

You have to watch my previous post on dutch palace to see some photos inside the Dutch Palace museum. Although photography was strictly prohibited inside the museum i managed to get a few for you..

chessboard made of wood,small wooden chessboard for sale in a shop in cochin mattancherryWhat about Playing Chess?

Pluck and fix, Ideal for playing in a moving vehicle..
More than the wooden finish its the smaller size of the board that may attract us..I took this photo in macro mode....

old jew street of mattancherry cochin keralaThe Jew Street in Mattancherry

You may have seen this place in many films..The place carries a nostalgic feeling from the past..Have witnessed generations of people for more than 400 years by now.....The buildings sideby are having many shops and most of them are closed by the time we reached there...

photograph of antiques inside an antiques shop in mattancherry jew townThe corridor To Treasures......

The front corridor of an antique shop..Here what i saw more is of wooden in nature..Not much metal ones were inside...And of course there seemed to be a lot of wall sculptures..

largest vessel called varpu in malayalam language of kerala,a traditional kerala vessel made of copper alloy used for cooking large amount of food in festivalsThey Said , This is the Biggest of Its class..May be true..

The huge copper vessel called chembu showcased in an antiques shop.. They were claiming this is the biggest one ever built.. Seemed so for it had a diameter of about 3 meters. You can see water lilies inside the vessel..

You know these are household vessels largely used especially when it is needed to cook for large numbers.. And is still used in times of festivals and marriages here in our place....

photos showing photographs for sale about sceneries in keralaWall Street Picture Gallery...Photo of Photos..

Just a side street selling of photos on culture and beauty of Kerala..

See you soon with Kerala's most wanted tourist destinations here ....Keep browsing other galleries...much more for you than this..

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