Nature closeups- Bird's nest, Dew soaked green grass, green ferns, dew drops in spider web, water goblet in grass leaves etc

Some closeups of Mother Nature in and around us..Some moments viewed by only those who have a quest to watch the interesting and tiny world around us closer, which are always passing unseen.

The curiosity of a photographer diggs out the beauty of the unnoticed and unseen for us, which is sometimes more scenic and fresh than the bigger polluted,noisy,messed up human world...Maybe tiny world for us but bigger and vast for little creatures like ants, spiders etc, and for them, we are the monsters who steps and runs vehicles over them.. poor fellows..

Just think of an ant climbing up to this grass leaf tip to just have a glance of the world around him or just to watch the rain clouds to know if its gonna rain....Suddenly a human comes with a grass cutter and cuts off the grass tips and the ant got flying off for sometime and when he fells in the ground the man steps over him....

The poor ant who was at the top of the grass tip is now at the root tip of the grass plant..I don't think ants have got any ambulance or 24 hour working emergency services in their hospitals..What next??? Hope may be discovered as a fossil by the future generations..... Guess who's the cruel one, silent tiny creatures or speaking, thinking,laughing,two legged ones....

closeup photograph of morning fresh green grass leafs soaked in mist,nature photographymorning fresh... The grass leafs covered in morning dew drops

Green grass leafs which are decorated with the morning mist.. the water droplets blended on to the leafs spiky hairs..A closeup photo shoot using a mobile phone camera,during a morning walk.. Hmm morning walk.. absolutely its not me,i would rather prefer an evening walk, mornings sooo tired of sleeping was taken by ma friend..

green fern photograph from nature,texture like photoGreen texture like design by fern, in the wall

Watch close you can see small trees sprung up in the lush green forest.. Hmm forest for a small ant....Photographed with mobile phone camera in macro or closeup mode..

bird nest picture,nest made of dry sticksHeloooooo,.. ding dong.. anybody home????.....

Hmmm seems the lovely home is abandoned..Or are they in a world tour..Atleast should have minded to close the door..

The bird's nest abandoned in the surroundings of ma friends home..From a distance its difficult to figure out there is a nest na?.. yea the natural camouflage for nature's dearest ones...It looks like the baby bird got elder enough and they abandoned the nest..

web of spider soaked in dew drops,early morning nature photosUffff.. what happend to this spider bro???, he started collecting water with his web!!!Hmm may be lookin on to the summer coming...Or is it must for him to have fresh water to drink with the breakfast??!!

The spider web soaked in the morning dew drops, an early morning photograph in macro lens mode of the mobile phone camera.

morning dew droplet in a green grass leaf,pictured in early morningA glass droplet like dew drop in the morning!!!!

I was around when ma friend was trying to capture this photograph, remember has got some problems with focusing on to the dew droplet with the cell phone camera..It was like the cam did liked the green leaf than the dew drop....Hmm he came out with a decent picture finally...

The photographs are taken by Arun EP, using sonyericsson k750i cell phone camera..Hope more for you soon ma beloved friends.. Come back here by tea time..May be something new for you to have with the snacks and tea...Cu soon..
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