sunset horizon photograph-Red Cloudy sky after the Sunset, photos from Cochin-Kerala-India

Sunset photographs from India Kerala Cochin; to be more specific Marine Drive from Ernakulam-the port town of Kerala.. Giving you some snaps of the golden horizon with clouds scattered all over, which made the calm and quiet evening much beautiful..

You know what, the sunset sceneries are more beautiful than the sunrise ones, for the intensity of colours in the sky is depending directly on the presence on dust particles or aerosols which is more by evening than in the early morning..volcanic eruptions dust winds etc could make the sunset so vibrant for they contribute enormous dust and ash particles into the atmosphere...If their happens some fireworks or volcanic eruptions in the night and sun comes through the dust in the morning, obviously the sunrise will be also awesome.

Hmm i have to say the pictures more precisely are not of the sunset, but the afterglow in the sky after the sun has just went down.. Watch out the clumsy chubby flying pieces of clouds, the situation seemed it was going to rain heavily and we were enjoying the small drizzling of water as if the clouds warning that we gona pour heavily on you, go to your home...

Hmm going home!! no way dude, rather we stayed and enjoyed the bursting of colours in the canvas of nature over there on the the horizon..Did it rained?? I will tell you later..

Sunset Afterglow in the Cloudy Horizon. Photographed from Cochin-Kerala

sunset photograph taken from marine drive India cochin,tropical sunset pictures,sunset picture from kerala,one of the beautiful sunsets from ernakulam photographed from marine driveThe Afterglow..Colours After the Sunset

Hmm God just switch off the light over our country..Seems like a sodium vapor lamp which goes off slowly..Usually he switches it back on by tomorrow morning 6am.. Hmm in my life, me hardly sees that.. The morning 6's...

Distant view of Cochin Shipyard from Marine Drive during Sunset

Photographs of sunset from cochin kerala,cochin sunsets photographed on a cloudy evening,heavy clouds in the horizonFeels as if the sunset sprinkled its colour in the sea water.

The place you sees at the proximity is Willingdon Island.The heart of Cochin Port.. You know, its a man made island created with the materials came out while dredging for the port of Cochin.. Cochin Port Trust, Navy head quarters, so many commercial and industrial offices all working there in the island and also ships are docked along the island...

The Volvo Ocean Race of 2008 had a stop over here in Cochin and the Race Village was setup along this Island ..

You can see a number of postings here in the archives where you will come across the race village photos, race Yachts, volvo pavillion showing their latest cars SUVs, buses, trailers, escavators, hybrid engines, electric cars bla bla bla...

Heavy Monsoon Rain Clouds in the horizon During Sunset

clouds in sunset photograph,heavy rain clouds covering the sky after sunset,after sunset sky,orange coloured sky and clouds Watchout the clouds. They seemed much heavy and were appearing as if they gona fall into the water..If i had a pole i would have pricked her!! If you go to the hill stations and mountain ranges here in Kerala you will see these clouds below you..Its nice to watch them below in the valleys as your car wind up the road to the top of hill.. Much similar shots are already in here, in the Munnar hill station Galleries. Assured fun and beauty is there in those trips.

Rain clouds in the evening sky, Photograph from Cochin-Kerala

Kerala sunset sceneries,beautiful tropical sunsets,kerala sunset photo,sunset picture fom cochin keralaSunset Afterglows...Fume like clouds

I suspect the sun have just smoked and left the flames and fumes..Hmm lets guess., cigars, filter cigarettes or hookah. Me voting hookah!. lols he's soo old guy.. Only uses the older things...After all, if that was a filter cigarette where is the filter, and Cigars so expensive huh...God won't give him that money....He always carries that Hukka thing with him!. But habit is to smoke gently in the mornings, and heavily in the evenings...Noon is clear, hope God may be there with him always in the lunch time, no pranks infront of Almighty!

Heavy rain clouds over the sea

afterglow sunset horizon from kerala cochin,tropical sunset photographs,south indian sunsets,sky after sunset,beautiful evening sky with small cloudsSunset... giving farewell for one more Day..

Photographs of the sunset horizon and clouds taken using SonyEricsson w810i (2mp) camera phone by Georjo...Their are more photos in previous postings of some sunset and also a cloud gallery.. I think the horizon during the sunset in previous one is more vibrant than this one.. Two facts, digital camera is used there, and also you may watch a little variety of colours in the afterglow of sunset.....Hope you may have a jump there too.

Hey i forgot something to say... oh .. yea.. It haven't RAINED..........

Hey friend. Much love and regards for having some time to spend here..hope we can meet again soon..
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  1. Nature sceneries at its best i found here in your blog.. appreciating your work from heart..the sunset and the colorful horizon in the other post attracted me much and made me browse all over your blog..confused to say which is better... the photographs or your narration..all the best friend.....

  2. the afterglow huh... touch me and i will follow.... in your afterglow..

    if i haven't said it nice, it will be a lie..

    hope you will share more sunsets landscape sceneries and other attractions from kerala.. i was planining to visit india and kerala last time. but have to cancel later.. ur blog is now pulling me to visit there soon..thankyou for the shares friend.. wil be visiting you in time..

  3. one of the lovliest sunset sceneries i ever those clouds.. am from cochin and i havent witnessed something like this even if am living here.. thanx for sharing the pic here to me friend.. hope your photoblog will get huge visits.

  4. yea i have heard of cochin many times..there is a ship yard no...i will visit these places when i come there in next summer vacations.. tahnx for the pictures of these sunsets

  5. nice sunset pictures

  6. ohhh.. i got the information that the sunlight in the horizon just after sunset is technically termed as sunset afterglows from here.. anyway nice pics dear..

  7. the golden horizon in the sunset seems cuter with those clouds..rain clouds no..

  8. hey the scenery is so romantic friend, i really want to get there with my girl friend and have some nice time chatting together.the nature is looking on you like its having something to say to u..

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    and it seemed very wonderful, and i am very exited, now i want to visit this beautiful country and take a lot of photos.


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