Chinese fishing nets,Sunset from Fort Cochin

Was having an evening walk through the lanes of fort cochin beach sides, with a friend. Yea had an intention to stay around the beach for a little time and get a nice watch of the sunset..We stayed there to get some snaps of the sunset with those Chinese fishing nets..Cochin the port city of kerala will be having some ships moving through those waters almost all time..

The calm cool breeze from the sea and the warm colour of the sunset will make you stay in the beach watching the scenic beauty of the evening nature.. If you do like a trip to kerala its worth to spend two or three days in cochin and have some visits around the palaces, synagogues, jew street, hill palace etc including the sunset from Fort Cochin..It would be nice to have a walk now...go down..

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 The Chinese fishing nets placed along the shore side..Picture taken after the sunset..the afterglow prevailing still with those scattered smoke like clouds on the horizon..They are immersed in water for sometime and lifted up to capture the fishes..The peculiarity is that, you can buy fresh fishes from here, as son as they are caught.. Its not a big fish harvester..Just captures the fishes near to the shore..
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Sunset behing the fishing net of china..A sunset scenery photo from fort cochin/ ernakulam/ kerala/ India...There are a few lonely little clouds over the sky and horizon..Just giving a company for the sun..There will be a fish market getting lively by this time along the beach side lane.. If you can bargain the fish sellers effectively, you will be getting fresh sea foods like, fishes, crabs, prawns, etc etc.. 

We just had a look around those markets and the crabs seeems funny and dangerous to....Fort Cochin has some remainings from the history like steam furnaces of cranes, old ship anchors etc placed along the beach and churches like St Francis church,Santacruz Baslica etc..I will cover the basilica in the coming post.. All the photos taken with SonyEricsson K750i..

Thanx for the visit friends..Cu around.. Cu tomorrow.
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  1. one of the cutest scenries happened to see from kerala.. Hope you pixelshots will keep providing photos of kerala like this..Real stuff like this is not much available... Keep going


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