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The trees seen aside the beach of  Fort Cochin at Ernakulam district kerala..Snaps taken on an evening walk through the beach..It was a nice evening and the sunset was just over, and we walking back from the beach.. This tree was standing lonely there with a few number of leaves at the branch tips..

The sky, horizon,gentle sound of waves splashing to the rocks and the fading light of sun all together makes the place special..A portion of the beach is guarded from the fury of the waves by paving huge chunks of rocks....Fort Cochin beach is one of the nice beaches in kerala, which has witnessed many historical events from time to time and their are many historical places nearby like palaces, churches etc..

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 In the Afterglow.....
The tree and the steam boiler beside the beach of Fort Cochin Ernakulam..Nice breeze and the scattered smoke like clouds moving in the horizon was an addon to the beauty of that evening..The sea was so calm and we took many photos of the Chinese fishing nets with a background of the setting  sun from the guarding rocks (rocks for guarding the bay from furious waves in monsoons) filled aside the beach..The above snap was taken from the walkway aside the fort Cochin beach of kerala the southern state of india...
 sunset scenery from fort cochin beach,tree photographed from beach after sunset,tree in sunset,picturesque sceneries
The scene of the horizon with the tree felt picturesque..Their is a bird flying and some smoke like little clouds moving in the horizon.. The sunset afterglow light gave the scene what is sufficient for my small cellphone camera CCD to grab it.The place is not only for tourists, but also known for the fresh sea foods like fishes and crabs available in the evenings....

The posts from Cochin still coming.. Keep visiting friends..
CU again..Take care....
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