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ST Mary's Ferona church Kudamaloor, Kottayam,Kerala, also called kudamaloor church..The church built by Raja of Chembakasherry.An ancient christian church built in the 1125s..The altar and many paintings inside church has its own beauty of the ancient architecture and art..Some paintings made of  leaf extract paints..Now this is one of the prime churches of  Kottayam district Kerala..

Inspite of the one of the oldest christian churches in kerala, this church has one more peculiarity, ie it was the home church of St Alphonsamma, the only woman nun from India who is raised to sainthood by the Pope Benedict XI... The first and presently only women saint from India..The baptism of St Alphonsa was done in this church and  the baptism basket made of stone is still preserved here along with some holy relics in the altar..The church is turning out to be one of the pilgrimage centres for christians now.

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Kudamaloor Church, home church of St Alphonsa, the first christian women saint from India Kerala.The olden church is now accompanied by a new church nearby..This ancient church seemed small but cute in the architecture and fabulous paintings and artwork done in the altar..
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Kudamaloor St Mary's Church, a christian Pilgrimage spot in Kottayam district of Kerala India...The church built in ancient architecture style structure and old painting methods in the Altar..The home of St Alphonsa is a little away from the church and is now turned into a Museum named Alphonseum and there is a chappel nearby..Posts on the church interiors and the Tomb of St Alphonsamma at Bharanangyanam is coming soon..
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  1. While alive, she was treated like a dog by fellow nuns. Here sinserity was humiliated several times. After her death, she became the hotspot of religious business and the pope declared her as a saint.


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