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Welcome to a small fruit gallery with fruits from Kerala-the south Indian state. Some of the fruits which are commonly seen here in Kerala like guava, bananas, and Annona fruit or custard apple known as 'Aatha chakka' in our local language Malayalam here. There are a different variety of fruits like botanical fruits, and culinary fruits based on nature and taste.

Botanical fruits are those non-sweet fruits which we use as vegetables whereas culinary fruits are those sweet ones which are often used in desserts and other edibles and also for eating alone. Fruits are again classified into simple, multiple, aggregate etc depending on the way they develop in the plants.

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Guava Fruits

Hmm can't wait to ripe. Guava fruits in the guava plant in the home. A little more to wait to get them ripe..hope the squirrels will leave it for me.
There are more than 100 types of guava fruits and they can be seen as shrubs and trees...Guava is often referred to as a super fruit as I said about mangoes in the previous post.
A super fruit which is rich in vitamins and other nutrient content along with the huge likeness of customers for the fruits. Guava is often used to make juices, and in ice creams and candies as flavors. Nutritional content differs from varieties and the most nutritional one is considered to be strawberry guava, contains 4times more vitamin C than an orange.
raw banana fruits,banana fruits hanging in plantain photographed,raw fruits of banana,fruits,kerala fruits,vazhakkula,vazha pazham,nendra pazham
Raw Banana in Plantain -Fruits of Kerala
 Banana hanging down from plantain. Raw baby banana fruit from the farm.
Being a native of south-east Asia there are many verities of the plant seen here in farms. They vary in sizes and tastes from each other, and some are eaten after being ripe as some others are cooked before eating. The plant needs proper irrigation and scarcity of water may break the plantain stems. The above banana fruit is of a different variety, not much seen in Kerala, and the individual banana fruits can grow much bigger than the common banana fruits here in Kerala. I may show you the ripe banana from this in a later post. Eat a banana every day, for they can give us a number of amino acids our body can't make, and also are great energy suppliers.
anona or custard apple,fruits from kerala india,anona custard apples in anona plant,fruits pictures,atha chakka
Custard Apple in Annona Tree - Kerala Fruits

 Red Custard apple or Anona fruit. The plant of custard apple is known as Annona, and these fruits are much fleshy and juicy with sweet taste when ripe. Also, the fruit is called bullock's heart or bull's heart. The leaves of the plant used against cancers and tumors and its said the whole of the tree are useful.

The fruit is considered to be good in treating anemia, a good expectorant, coolant, and stimulant. Fruits can give you an abundant supply of vitamin C, water, and fiber. So never Ever keep them away from your diet.
Fruit Photos by Arun using SonyEricsson cellphones...take me here again..
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