Red rose flowers-kerala flowers gallery, Rose Flowers of South India

Have to say they are red and hot.Pixelshots presenting you with the most sexiest and hottest flowers from the flower kingdom..Red being the colour of love, a culture of  love using roses as a medium to say and express the feelings to someone.A language using flowers to express feelings, evolved from ancient times.And still followed, for it is proved to be acceptable to generations coming over and over again..

Saying more precise, a language with roses to express the emotions sprung up gradually from times, and it developed in a manner that  each color of roses conveys something particular, and also people started making meanings in the number of roses in the bouquet presented.. And now the language of roses is one that accepted worldwide..

Am sure that all the youngsters know a bouquet of red roses are meant to say their love to someone special..Hmm how many red roses you got at last valentines..?.

Red Rose Flower from Kerala- Roses found in South India
red rose flowers from garden,kerala rose flowers,roses photograph,red garden rose picture
Sexy red hot ... What you thinking of.. am saying about this red rose.. Sexy red rose..
A rose flower photograph from the home gardens..Not a commonly seen rose plant in kerala..These are special budded rose plants bought from the garden suppliers, and need much care to keep them away from the rose pests and diseases...Hmm i remember spraying pesticides on ma garden roses long before.. Had to do that occasionally.. till they got perished after some time..I really hate those bugs who ate my rose plants!

Fully Bloomed Red Rose Flower with a Rose Bud
 red rose flower and rose bud,red rose common in kerala india,rose flower and bud photograph from gardens
 Hmm Bowed head... soo humble huh!! i will say pretty and humble red rose.. Looks like she is nearing to shed those rose petals and going to the next stage of  seeding.. The rose flower extracts are used widely in perfumes..their are some edibles made of rose petals and the hips of rose are said to be very rich in vitamin C. A flower with not just looks.. The roses are special.

Kerala's own Roses, Rose Flowers photographed from Kerala/ India
 rose,red rose photo,red rose flower,photographs of roses
A close photograph of the red rose..A shot from the side..or is she shy to look straight into the cam lens..The varieties of roses are much and differ in colors sizes and the plants differ from perennial ones to shrub like ones.. England and America are having rose as their national flowers..

The symbolic meanings associated with roses made them much popular and favorite along with the nice fragrance..Apart from red, their are much varieties of yellow,white,pink,orange,black,violet etc of colors in roses.. am still waiting to see a black rose..

you can go to the previous flower gallery if you wanna see some roses closeup pictures and the symbolic meanings associated with the colors and numbers of roses in the bouquets presented..

Photographs taken using sonyericsson cell phones by Arun.....

when will you come back?? I will be here with something new for you ma friend.......Till then take care..

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  2. Lovely rose! I really love it. Thanks for sharing. I want to add like that in my garden.


  3. Pretty flowers! Seems your garden was so healthy. Wish I can have a healthy garden too. I'm been looking for interesting topic as this. Looking forward for your next post. Keep posting!



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