Aquariums-Giant Gourami and Silver Sharks

Another gallery of fresh water aquarium fishes. This time a few snaps of gouramy from an aquarium fish exhibition held a little back in Calicut town of  South Indian state Kerala. It turned out to be so unfortunate for the authorities didn't let us take photographs of the fishes there telling it will affect their breeding. Don't know if it was just an excuse to keep us away from taking the aquarium photos. But the loss was huge for the fish exhibition had a lot of fresh water aquariums along with the saltwater ones.

The saltwater aquarium fishes as you may know was so cute and beautiful, but maintaining those aquariums seemed much expensive than the fresh water ones. We happened to meet much newer varieties of aquarium fishes, crabs etc ranging from tiny ones to huge bigger ones which needed a whole big aquarium. obviously it was an experience for we met much cute fishes there, the ones like Clown fish (hope you may have seen Finding Nemo), and a lot more varieties like them.
Giant Gourami Closeup from Aquarium 
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Huh you taking my snaps..Slowdown buddy, i wanna do some Makeup...

The giant Gourami photographed from the aquarium fish Exhibition.Gouramis are fresh water fishes, the natives of South East Asia. More to aquariums these species are farmed widely for food.Gauramis are usually a little agressive in nature between male fishes and are popular for their lip to lip kissing acts..

This fish was seen in the very first aquarium in the exhibition. As we started taking the snaps with our cell phone cameras the security came in and stopped us from photographing the fishes. Indeed it was a huge disappointment for us for we lost a large variety of aquarium fishes from being photographed.

Gouramy in Aquarium Glass Tank
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Side View of the Aquarium fish Giant- Gourami

As mentioned already these are fishes for food. The peculiarity of  these fish species is its capability to survive in low oxygenated waters, for long time with the help of some peculiar breathing capabilities than the other aquarium fishes. These ones can survive out of water for much hours and the feature makes them ideal for fish farming in rural areas where transportation using expensive equipments seems impossible.

Their are varieties of these tropical aquarium fishes, in varying sizes and colours. The Siamese fighters and the  Kissing gouramis are relatives to these species. These ones feeds on any food available in its habitat from small weeds to tadpoles.

The Silver Sharks in Aquarium.
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 Silver Sharks Photographed from a Aquarium fish supplier in Cochin/ Kerala

These are interesting people among the fish community you may love to have in your fish aquarium. Eventhough the name is silver Sharks these ones don't have any relations to them, but a little similarity in the shapes of fins.These ones can make your aquarium lively for they are hyper active fishes who moves around all the ornaments and aquatic plants in the aquarium. Their hyper activity is enough to make them good Jumpers from the aquarium and you will be warned to cover your fish tanks by the aquarium supplier when you are gonna buy these ones.

These fishes are much amicable peaceful creatures which can be kept with other species safely.Its favourable to keep them in pairs or groups eventhough fish singles can also adapt in the aquariums.The immunity of these aquarium creatures are better than other sensitive ones like Gold fishes.Snails are one of their favourite food and sometimes you may witness these people trying to pull those snails out of their shells.

The photos are taken with SontEricsson K750i in bad lit conditions, know not much fine photos relating to the other aquarium fish galleries.Surely gonna give you some nice aquarium photographs in the coming postings.
See you here again..
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  1. She needs a little makeup or at least some blush :) Fantastic shots. It's always difficult getting good shots in aquariums through glass and low lighting. These are great.


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