Happy Xmas Greetings-Cribs & Christhmas Tree

Happy Christmas greetings to all the readers of this Kerala photo blog. giving you some
Mini Xmas Tree Cochin kerala,Christmas celebrationspics of Cribs and Xmas trees seen around.

The cribs are from churches here around in Cochin and as its 24th of December nd Jesus not born yet, the cribs are without infant Jesus.

Infant Jesus  is gonna be placed in those cribs in between the christhmas services in the churches mostly during midnight.

One of the biggest Xmas cribs seen around here in Cochin

Xmas Cribs from churches of kerala cochin

Waiting the saviour. Just hours to go towards the birth of infant Jesus of the year 2010.

Small Chappel illuminated in white and blue bulbs, Xmas eve sights from Cochin

christmas church illumination Cochin kerala,christmas celebration photos 2010

This chappel is opposite to St Francis Assisi Cathedral of Cochin.

Another crib

Pulkoodu kerala christmas,cochin Xmas,ernakulam bishop-house pulkoodu crib 2010

Another crib seen from the churches of Cochin, awaiting infant Jesus and the celebrations of Christmas night.

A crib with the size of a small hut

cribs Cochin churches,december2010 Xmas celebration,Cochin Christmas celebrations

The crib is made of big wooden planks, hay sand etc and illuminated with color lamps.

Happy Xmas from pixelshots, the Kerala Nature and photo blog..
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  1. Wish you all a Merry and Happy Christmas. Let this new year bring you all great joy and harmony in your life for your future. Wonderful & happy Christmas greetings and wishes of the season…

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