Rain Drops Closeup Photos from Garden

Digital Photography in Macro mode. Not just digital macros, but digital super macros, as the special focus mode is named in the digital cam of Fuji Film. The maximum minimum distance that can be focused was seen as 4 cms in the camera manual, but could't get something that closer eventhough i tried. The focus length was shown as 6mm in all photos taken with super macro mode.

The camera showed pretty brilliant close focusing than something without a super macro focus. Anyway can't expect a stunning photo capture form this point and shoot 7MegaPixel camera, like we may get from a digital SLR with macro lenses. Provided if the subject is well lit and have a contrasting colour from the background canvas, you are gonna get awesome clearly focused photographs.

Raindrop in Green Leaf

rain drop photo in macro closeup camera focus,rain droplet in garden plant green leaf,droplet closeupJust some digital snaps of rain water drops i got from garden plants just after a rain. Being always amazed by the tiny wonders of tiny world around us, always gives a try to snap them whenever i can, especially if a new camera comes in hand. These photos were taken for the sole purpose of testing the Super Macro focus mode i saw in the camera of Fuji Finepix S5700 S700

These guys haven't reached the ground yet!, yea the rain drops......
Its easy to leave them unnoticed if you doesn't care to walk around and watch the nature close. In every leaves and flowers we may notice those tears of the nature clinging,  and taking their last breaths of life, before gonna fall down the plants or getting vaporized in the heat of sun-rays. Just gave a try to have them photographed, with a Digicam i wanted to test for its capabilities in seeing things closer.

Rain Water Droplet Closeup From An Orange Coloured Garden Flower Stem

rain drop clinging on orange flower stem,bright sunlit raindrop closeup photograph,macro mode water droplet photo

Looking through the tears of Nature. The pure rain-droplet clinging to the flower, as i saw from the gardens. If equiopped with an SLR Camera with a proper macro lens, you would be able to see your reflection through the water droplet and may capture it in a stunning way. I tried here to get more closer but any more advancement to focus the drop closer gave a blurred effect on the subject. Sun gave good support in getting the droplet brightened up and the orange colour of the flower helped in getting the droplet caught right on camera focus.

Technical Details of above photo:-  Camera Make:Fuji Film, Camera Model: Fine PixS5700 S700, Color Representation: sRGB, Camera Shutter Speed:1/338secs, Camera Lens Aperture:F/4.9, F number:F/5, Exposure Time: 1/340 sec, ISO speed: ISO 64

Water Drop in steel Strand, a Macro Photo snap

rain drop in steel strand,vella thulli,droplet macros,metala wet in rain

Droplet closeup from the steel rod. The trees around are reflected upside down in the rain water droplet.

Photo technical details:-  Camera Make:Fuji Film, Camera Model: Fine PixS5700 S700, Color Representation: sRGB, Camera Shutter Speed:1/128 secs, Camera Lens Aperture:F/3.5, F number:F/3.5, Exposure Time: 1/125 sec, ISO speed: ISO 64

Line of Rain drops in a Steel Strand, Macro Mode Photos of  Water Drops

series of rain water drops in a steel wire,macro mode photography of water droplets,line of water drops
The line of rain droplets. Trying to point and lock the cam lens focus onto the nearest drop. Hmm the devadaru tree nearby seems got enclosed inside the droplet.

Photo technical details:-  Camera Make:Fuji Film, Camera Model: Fine PixS5700 S700, Color Representation: sRGB, Camera Shutter Speed:1/158secs, Camera Lens Aperture:F/3.5, F number:F/3.5, Exposure Time: 1/160 sec, ISO speed: ISO 64

Rain Water Drop photographed  from inside Spider Web, in between Garden plant leaves.

white water drop in spider web,rain drop inside spiders messy web weaved between garden plant leaves,white well sunlit rain drop sticking to spider web
It was much difficult to get this droplet in focus. The sunlight was making the droplet as well as the spider's web, well lit. The digital camera got pretty enough perplexed in getting focused onto the water drop. 

I hate this spider, seems he had bunked his web weaving lessons in school!. The insect having an undisciplined way of weaving its web. White web strands stretched up all over. He behaved something like that was the stock clearance day of his webbing fluid.. Anyway the insect was not seen anywhere outside, otherwise i would have snapped him too. Hmm he may be shy from coming in front of cameras, or oh may be munching his breakfast inside his dungeon built deep inside the web house.

Photo technical details:-  Camera Make:Fuji Film, Camera Model: Fine PixS5700 S700, Color Representation: sRGB, Camera Shutter Speed:1/119secs, Camera Lens Aperture:F/3.5, F number:F/3.5, Exposure Time: 1/120 sec, ISO speed: ISO 200

Rain Drop Globule in a green leaf tip, Closeup Moments from Nature Through a Digital Cam

green leaf holding water drop,big rain water drop held inside leaf tip,beak like green leaf holding rain droplet

Water-drop held in her beak..Technically not a beak, but the plant leaf tip really resembles the beak of a bird. This was the biggest drop i saw around, anyway sonn after my photographic trials it fell down as i hit on the branch accidentally. The problem in photographing the drop here was that the plant was under shade from the sun and i had to try in many angles to get this one somewhat focused in the camera's eyes.

Photo technical details:- Camera Make:Fuji Film, Camera Model: Fine PixS5700 S700, Color Representation: sRGB, Camera Shutter Speed:1/56secs, Camera Lens Aperture:F/3.5, F number:F/3.5, Exposure Time: 1/56 sec, ISO speed: ISO 100.

About the Photos

The photos are resized and saved in a lower quality for being posted here. The 7 MegaPixel images of sizes counted in Mbs are reduced to lesser than a 50 KB  before being posted here. Corresponding quality loss has happened so. 

A word on the Digital Camera

What i felt about the camera is its awesome choice if you an amateur photographer. Ofcourse the 10x optical zoom built in lens giving it a chunky look and the appearance of mid type SLR's. But the camera is not at all the latest one available now, as it's introduced in our photography market in 2007. Ofcourse the price of this digital camera would have come down than the time when it was introduced, and you can consider it,  if you like a camera with reasonable Optical zoom and adequate picture size of about 7 Mega Pixels.

The macro and super macros are  pretty efficient in this camera. Macro lets you focus nearer upto 4cms and super macro boasts of upto 1 cm close to the subject to be photographed. In all conditions you may not be able that close, but the hardware capability is like that as given by the company.

The camera runs on 4 x 2500 mAh NiMH batteries and supports both xD and SD cards. Has VGA movie recording.

Some more snaps from the same series coming on, including some flowers etc from the plant gardens. Be back here in Pixelshots, the blog featuring photos on vivid subjects from Kerala, The God's Own Country.
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