Chembakam- White plumeria Flowers with Exotic Fragrance|Kerala Flower Photos

More to flower photography from Kerala.. This time presenting you photos of a bunch of pure white flower bouquet of 'Chembakams' as they are named in Malayalam the local language of Kerala. Commonly these flowers are termed as Frangipani or Plumerias.

Flowers with Exotic Fragrance-Pure White Plumeria or Frangipani Flower Facts and Photos-By pixelshots from Cochin
 A bunch of white flower beauties who are not not just good to see but very sweet in nature too, provided your scale to goodness is fragrance and look, not strength. For me i will say a flower species i saw yet which has a fragrance beyond words. Something you have to really feel on, and its not your fault if you miss some moments unknowingly with her!..Everybody does if still alive and haven't lost senses..
Unity is Strength! Ofcourse lethal strength of flower Fragrance.Plumeria Flowers
Flowers and buds of Chembakam.Simple white flowers with white petals spreaded out from a yellow core. Have to say a masterpiece work contributed by God towards the flower kingdom. A nice pure white innocent member of the flower family.

Coudn't get much information regarding the medicinal strength of the flower, but sure about is used in perfume industry. They can't help avoiding such a natural refreshing smell. Have to say may feel a little heady to some people, something like a stimulating concentrated fragrance.
Another photograph of the white bouquet of plumeria flowers.
This time the difference is used a cellphone camera for the snap unlike the digitalcam shoot done above. The plant is having slender branches and bleeds white fluid if you make cuts. It can grow like a tree and you can choose these plants as a part of your garden if you like fragranted garden air, particularly by sunrises as they keeps blooming with the sun..

Pulmeria Flower Facts and Information: Some details on Flowers Named Chembakam In Kerala/India:
Talking some fact about the flowers, these are natives of tropical and subtropical  Americas and now common in Asian continent. A plant which has nearly 10 species and a variety of  colors among the flowers. They are usually shrubs or trees and often used in religious purposes. in Temples they are not used daily but during Balis.

Superstitions are their as these plants are places where mythical spirits and ghosts resides. An interesting thing is they keeps cheating the insects with their exotic hard fragrance. As they depends moths like insects for pollination, usually blooms in night and the insects keeps searching the flowers for nectar and the fact is that they have the fragrance only, not a single drop of honey. Pretty cool cheating huh.But came to know that the white sap of the plant is poisonous..

These flowers are photographed from the Subhash Park in Cochin/Kerala. Planted aside the cobble stoned sidewalk, they keeps smiling to people walking through. The park is an ideal place to get a refresh from the busy world just outside,particularly a nice place to spend your evenings with that orange tinted horizon and setting sun..

Talking about some photography, it comes easy to get the focus locked right on relatively bigger subjects like these flowers unlike macro. If you got a similarly colored background for the subject, often watched the camera brains in confusion and we have to sort it out with slight angle changes and refocusing. Anyway the more we experimenting the more we knows the photo gadget in our hands.
Cu soon..
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  1. Simply wonderful looking flowers in deed

  2. I wonder, could you help me identify a plant? You can see it here:


  3. I found out the name of my strange plant! It is a White Bat plant or Tacca integrifolia.

  4. This flower is called champaka only in southern northern kerala, this is called pala flower. chempaka flowers' scientific name is Magnolia champaka...which is the original native to india...plumeria is native to america...both flowers have common name of champa or chapha in maharashtra...plumeria is champa in bengal...any idea which one is the original chempakam????


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