Kumarakom Small Country Boats,Kerala Valloms or Vanchy

Kumarakom is a cluster of small islands in the Vembanad. The backwaters here are always live with House boats and small Country boats. These small boats are mainly used for fishing and also for small boat tour trips and transportation through the inland water channels and the vembanad lake.

The photo of the small boat was taken during our boat trip through the backwaters. It was tied up in the gateway to the backwaters from an inland water stream.Have to say this boat is an ideal one to row through the streams that are branched like the veins of the mangrove forests in the bird sanctuary here.

Small Country boats for inland transport and tour trips in Kumarakom Lake

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A shot of the small country boat from the water level. Smaller but not the smallest one, their are boats smaller than these ones too, used mainly for small scale fishing. The are called Valloms or Vanchy in the local language of Kerala, Malayalam.

Typical inland water transport, the Valloms in Kerala- Photographed with cellphone from Kumarakom/Kerala
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These types of small canoes are used by the local people here in their daily life.Eventhogh the villages are connected by bridges, still there are some places which can be accessed only through water. There are some tourist spots like Pathiramanal, an island in the Vembanadu lake, and tourist have to take the backwater cruises to reach there.

The ideal thing to do if you plan to Kumarakom is to checkout through the backwater tour packages available here and select one. The rates are reasonable and includes kerala's traditional meals and drinks(of all type). A series of houseboat photographs, the lake and the mangroves are still to come.
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  2. I saw people travel in small boats in kerala during our house boat trip, i wonder how they manage their balance. you said "These types of small canoes are used by the local people here in their daily life".. Really amazing..


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