Fishermen throwing fish nets, sea shore fishing snaps from kerala beaches, FORT COCHIN beach

Fishing from the waves, some afternoon snaps from the beach of fort Cochin, Kerala. Shallow water fishing like this are a common scene in the beaches of kerala, eventhough heavy catches are not expected. Throwing of these fishing nets needs some skill to trap the fish properly.

The fishing net is thrown in a special way to spread the net during the flight and land evenly on the water. These nets are used for shore fishing as well as from fishing boats. Its observed that to catch the fish efficiently the depth of the water shouldn't be more than the radius of the fish net thrown.

These type of nets are also used popularly in the inland water bodies like lakes, rivers and in dam reservoirs where their are no underwater obstructions like dangling branches or reefs. The nets are ideal only to water bodies with a clean under water bed. Otherwise the nets will be trapped onto obstructions and gets damaged while getting pulled up. An ideal beach-fishing method.

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Enough to trap a fish fleet. The leaky oval net trap. 
The fishing photos are taken from beach of fort Cochin using cellphone cameras.

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Run, Run, Run for your life, something coming to trap you fishes. Will trap you , pull out of water, showcase your dead bodies in fish market, if not sold will put you in ice, and finally your dead bodies gonna get fried and cooked in a frying pan and the villain will eat you and say you are delicious and he need more.  So your children too will be caught and fried without prior notice. Beware!.

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Casting the fishnet by fishermen, the process of throwing nets, also mentioned as net casting. The fishermen need to expertise in casting the net to get a nice catch. Throwing fish nets varies in size, from four feet to around 12 feet. To pull out bigger nets with a full catch the fishermen need to have such a healthy hands.

The edges of the nets are attached evenly with small metal weights. as the not is thrown the weights on edges makes the net to land evenly on the bottom of the water body trapping everything inside its circumference. Then using the string attached to the centre of the circular fish net the catch is pulled out.

This is one of the shallow water fishing method used here in Fort Cochin apart from the large structural line of Chinese fishing nets fixed along the shores. Their are a number of them fixed in poles along the sea shore which are still used and all evenings the fish market here is much lively with freshly caught fishes.

Two reasons to visit Fort Cochin during evenings, one is for a refreshing sight of the cute beach sunset along with that Chinese fishing nets and other is to buy fresh sea food from the fish market.

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  1. I have always thought that fishing would be such a peaceful and serene sport. I often times watch the fishermen at our local beach and see the scenes that you've so well captured in your photos. Thank you for sharing.

  2. waw...Marvelous shots...

  3. Fishing is lots of fun. Catching big fish like this is a fulfillment. It is fun to experience catching fish with friends in the ocean riding in a fishing charter boat. I’m sure it’s really an exciting experience.


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