Crown of Thorns r Christ plant flowers, Spiny succulent garden plant named Euphorbia millii

Flowers of Christ plant or commonly known as Crown of  Thorns. You may got a hint from the garden plant name itself. Some people believes that these are the spiny plant stems used to make the thorn crown for lord Jesus Christ during his crucification. But no evidences its just a belief. The succulent spiny stems of euphorbia millii are very ideal to be made into a crown though. More pink flowering plants from the gardens, yet another cultivar of the ornamental plant.

Euphorbia millii, Thai hybrid ornamental plant with creamy pink flowers. I guess the right name of this garden plant hybrid version is named F1, Udornthong or Queen-lucky. The flower colours seemed very close variation among these three plants and am a little confused.
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Old matured and gonna die flowers of Euphorbia Milliis or Christ plant. Pink or red flowers got faded gradually and now turning into green. Not necessarily all flowers change the colour and may fall off the plant before turning into green. Thailand is known to be the producer of large hybrid varieties of these ornamental plants.

Euphorbia millii ornamental plants are welcomed among the gardeners for their nature of year long flowering except in cold and dark times of the year. Also the resistive power of the plant against bad weather and pests made them smart enough to be grown in the gardens. Another feature is the lifetime of the flowers. The flowers can stay in the plants upto 8 week depending on the climate. The flowers of certain hybrids turns to other colours like red and pink than green.

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  1. What an incredible blossom. I am not at all familiar with this plant, but it sounds like one I would like to get to know better.


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