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More flowers of Euphorbia millii. Flowers which are bloomed about a week before. Photographed from the potted garden plants. Euphorbia millii flowers are seen changing the colours gradually after blooming. May see the flowers getting fading off its fresh natural colour or may see the petals getting greeny.

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A little older pink flowers of euphorbia.  Seems the pink natural colour getting invaded by a green tint and gradually fading. You know what, euphorbia milliis flowering process is induced by darkness. ie the plant may not flower properly if exposed to much lights during night time. That makes this plant not preferable as indoor decorative plants.

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The pink flowers of  Euphorbia ornamental plant hybrids. People often confuses Euphorbia with cactus plants. Some plants in the euphorbia family seems very much to a cactus. But they aren't. 

Both euphorbias and cactus are succulents. ie the plants have the ability to store water in their clumsy leaves and stems. Euphorbia millii have fleshy stems with muscular leaves which pertains to retain much water in the form of white plant sap. The euphorbias are thus resistive to less water availability and relatively high temperatures. Euphorbia milliis flowers throughout the year. The summer season and higher temperature may reduce the flowering frequency. Even if the plant got dried up during severe summer, by the very next rainfall new buds may appear out again from roots.

The sap of this plant is considered venomous a little and thus the plants are not preferred to grow beside waterbodies with fishes. The roots of the plants may spread the sap inside pools when they get broken. Fishes may not seem happy with the slightly poisonous sap dissolved in water.

Garden plant, euphorbia millii propagation tips
Euphorbia millis can be grown from seeds and the stems. But seeds are not that common in these plants for the  plants are seen producing seeds only through hand pollination. We can propagate new plants from the stem cuttings itself. The stems are advised to be V cut and the cut end have to be smeared with charcoal to stop the plant sap from draining off.

The stems can be re-planted after getting separated from the mother plant within one or two days. The soil have to be kept moist and the cuttings may sprout out within one or two weeks. The new siblings are considered mature and supposed to start flowering within 16 or 18 weeks.

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