Lion Head Cichlid, African Aquarium fish- Photos from Cochin Aquarium Show

Lion Head Cichlid, another aquarium fish native to African rivers. The Cichlid Photos taken from the aquarium fish pet exhibition held in Cochin, Kerala. The fish is also known if names like blockhead cichlids, lumphead cichlids etc. The scientific name of this fresh water fish species is Steatocranus casuarius.

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 Violet fishes in aquarium, The lump head Cichlids

Lion head Cichlids, Facts on the Cichlid's behaviour, Aquarium Caring, Breeding etc

The aquarium Fish with a Hump in the forhead. The lumphead Cichlids. These fishes are calm in nature and female fishes are relatively less aggressive compared to male fishes. They are peaceful to both its family members and also other fishes. The male fishes becomes more violet colored compared to female ones. The male Lion heads have a little bigger head lump than the females and the males also grows bigger than females.

The fish aquarium have to maintain the temperature  and water quality. The ideal aquarium temperature for these fishes is 24 to 28 Degree Celsius. Water PH has to be maintained between 6 and 8. They grows upto 12 centimetres in an aquarium. The lifespan of these block head cichlids are to the maximum of 12 years.

Usually Lion Heads are seen in the bottom of aquariums. They are found near to bottom of rapids and fast moving river streams in their natural river habitats in Africa. They likes to hide, and its necessary that you provide much hiding places with rocks, plants etc inside the aquarium. 

Hiding places are needed in lionhead fish aquariums,  for these cichlids breeds secretly. The male fish digs out under rocks in hiding places and the female fishes lays egg. It takes about a week to hatch, and the tiny newborn fishes will start swimming after a week or so. They pairs ups soon after weeks from birth and these cichlids mates for lifetime.

More photos from the Aquarium  show is jut hours away, keep visiting.
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