Kovalam beach & sea, photos from lighthouse, Kerala's famous beach names

Aerial view of the Kovalam beach city and the crescent shaped beaches separated by rocks from the top of the lighthouse in Kovalam. This small city which got famous among tourists for the nice beach lies along the coastal area of Kerala, the south Indian state. The tourism season in Kovalam is from September to May. 

Three beaches are formed in the place named as lighthouse beach, the Hawaa beach, and the Samudra beach. Lighthouse beach is the biggest of the three and is named so for the presence of a lighthouse in the rocks adjacent to the beach. The second one Hawah beach or Eve's beach is named after the European women who was believed to spend time topless in the beach. Kovalam was  India's first topless beach. Empphasis on  'WAS', yea topless walking and sunbathing of women in the beach is banned now. The third beach Samudra or leela beach is not meant much for the tourists. Its a place used by fishermen for their daily activities and business.

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The rocks and the beach. Aerial view of beaches in Kovalam separated by outgrowing rocks into the sea. Viewing the beaches and surroundings from the nearby lighthouse and giving you what the small eyes of a 2mp cellphone camera sees. The third beach Samudra or Leela beach has a Mosque and its visible like a dot in this snap. The proposed container terminal of Vizhinjm is near to Kovalam and the light house of Kovalam is also known as Vizhinjam lighthouse.

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The biggest beach of Kovalam named as the lighthouse beach. An aerial view of the beach and township from the lighthouse. Kovalam beach is ideal for swimming for its shallow beach bed extends about 100metres into the sea. Swimming, water skateboarding  etc can be done in the beach. Visiting in the evenings gives you double benefit of watching a beach sunset and visiting the lighthouse. The lighthouse is open only by late evenings.

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Aerial view of the vast and calm sea of Kovalam from the lighthouse gallery. 

Kovalam has a number of beach resorts, Ayurvrdic spas regeneration resorts etc which are conveniently available for the tourists. Currently Kovalam is getting more importance in account of these Ayurvedic rejuvenation resorts and spas apart from the beauty of the beach which is well known already. 

Kovalam was identified for its geographic beauty from earlier times, but the beach became famous as a tourist destination by the arrival of Hippies in 1970s. Gradually the traditional ordinary fishing village , Kovalam got transformed into a world famous tourist spot and one of the nicest beaches in India. Around the beach town of Kovalam there are so many small shops where you can buy sculptures, handicrafts, crockeries, ornamentals made of sea shells etc. Some shops which sells brass and wooden sculptures and castings which are related to the culture of Kerala is live here in Kovalam. Once you here never miss out the aerial view of the entire beach and beach town from the top of that tall beautiful lighthouse.

Famous Beaches of Kerala
  • Alappuzha beach (Alleppy district)
  • Bekal beach (Kasarcod district)
  • Fort Kochi beach (Ernakulam district)
  • Kappad beach (Calicut district)
  • Kovalam beach (Trivandrum district) 
  • Marari beach (Alappuzha district) 
  • Varkala  beach or papanasham (Kollam district)
These are only a few beaches which are most prominent for tourism. Many more beaches are there in most of the districts in Kerala.

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