Mangroves of Kumarakom bird sanctuary, Bird watching spots in Kerala

Inside the bird sanctuary of Kumarakom, Kottayam district, Kerala. Taking a ticket of mere 5 INR you can enter the sanctuary and can walk through the cobbled lanes through the mangroves. A paradise for bird watchers and bird lovers in kerala, but need patience to meet some in some seasons. Binoculars and telescopic lensed digicams may help incase you look serious into taking some snaps of the birds.The mangroves and the dangling and entangled plant stems makes the forest spectacular.

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Through the lanes to the endpoint of the sanctuary. You got two options, either walk by foot through the bird sanctuary or take a boat and watch around the sanctuary through the Vembanadu lake, the famous backwater of kerala which surrounds this sanctuary.
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Around 5 Kms this path extends through the sanctuary. Water channels are artificially carved through the sanctuary incase tourists need to go birdwatching in small canoes by country boatmen. Anyway the water channels doesn't seemed much active from their clogged condition. May be we happened to be in off season in this place. 

The activities you shouldn't miss is a boating through the backwaters and to taste the local recipes, especially fish curries. If you like having a sip of the country wine toddy extracted from coconut trees, you arrived in the right place in Kerala. You can see much water cruises and houseboats moving around the lake.

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