Varkala Papanasham Beach Photos in Monsoon -Sacred Beach of Kerala

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Bali Idal, in papanasham beach, Varkala,Kerala
Paapanasham Beach -Varkala, Kerala, a south Indian beach situated in the state of Kerala which has importance as a tourism spot as well as a Hindu pilgrim spot.One of the beaches of varkala called Papanasham is believed to be a sacred beach as per Hindu religious believes and myths. The beach of papansam is the only white sand beach among the three beaches here in Varkala.

The Malayalam word 'PAPANASHAM' means something that destroys your sins or purifies your bad deeds. This beach is considered to be a pilgrim spot, where all sins will be purified by a sacred dip in the sea water here.

The religious significance of this southern Kerala beach is, its one of the water bodies in the state where so many Hindu believers comes to pray for their ancestors and passed away beloveds during Vavu Bali- a day to pay homage to dead souls and pray for them.The photo to the right is a religious ritual done by the believer as instructed by the priest or poojari at the Papanasham beach of Kerala. Very near to the Papanasham beach Janardhana Swamy Temple, a famous Hindu temple is situated.

varkala papanasham beach waves closeups,kerala beach photos
Splashing White Sea Waves on beach -Papanasham Beach,Kerala

Giving you some more snaps of the varkala papanasham beach. The waves were a little harsh as the season is of monsoons and sea is meant to be rough that time. The worst part was that the seawater rose up and kept the other beaches here in varkala from being visited.

The beach trail which we can use to walk onto the other beaches were continuously hit buy large waves and the life guards on beach didn't allowed anyone to cross the red flags hoisted at two ends of this beach.

kerala beach photos,south indian beachesThe beaches of varkala has many uniqueness compared to other beaches of kerala. One of the major peculiarity is the geography of this beach landscape. You can't see a beach along with mountain cliffs like Varkala beach, nowhere in Kerala.

The photos published here are just taken from one of the beaches of Varkala called as Papanasham, and the much renowned and adorable view of beach landscapes here are from somewhere else, ie from the top of those mountain cliffs.

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The sea near to the beaches here are comparatively shallower to the seas near to beaches of Kollam etc. The shallow and a calm sea makes it ideal for swimming here in varkala.

Varkala is one of the few beach areas of Kerala which is ideal for water sports, provided the sea is calm.
varkala beaches,papanasham sea photos,indian beaches
Small beach rocks in varkala beach

You can see all the types of blending a beach sea landscape can offer here in Varkala. If you want a shallow beach to swim, its here. If you want to surf through the waves its also possible. Another option is to watch huge waves splashing over beach side rocks, and you can see them in the coming posts here in this travel photo blog. If you want to do a little adventure in air, paragliding facilities are here around, which can be done from the mountain cliffs.

varkala beach rocks and waves,waves splashing on beach rocks,rocky kerala beaches,kerala monsoon beach photos
Snapped this photo walking to one of the extreme side of Papanasham beach of Varkala, just for the sake photographing those waves and beach rocks. Actually its was beyond the red flags placed by the lifeguards, and fortunately they didn't noticed us crossing it. The red flags were placed coz the sea is rough in the monsoons.

It's tourist offseason here in varkala as some of the beaches are completely inaccessible due to rough monsoon sea waves.  But its time of monsoon tourism and we saw many Europeans enjoying the beach.

The photos yet published are just ordinary considering any beaches of India. Some beach and the view of the waves from the cliff tops here in Varkala are going to be shared soon here in pixelshots. Visit back here regularly for a live feed of Kerala tour trip photos and infos.
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