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varkala beach Kerala/India
Varkala beach photos from the tour trips towards Kerala beaches starts from this post. By the noon time of a partially sunny day in the month of September we gave a visit to this beach. Have to say its one of the most lovely beach picnic spot of Kerala-more specifically in Thiruvananthapuram, the capital district of Kerala.

If you intend to visit a beach in which you can swim, if you want to sit over the mountain cliff and watch the long stretching sea infront of you same time enjoying the cool pat of sea winds, or even if you want to use a surfboard on that roaring beach waves, this is one of the beaches to consider in Kerala. Not many of Kerala or Indian beach gives much variety of options to enjoy your holidays as the beaches here in Varkala/ Trivandrum/Kerala.

The tourist season here in and around Varkala beach is around the months of December. Our visit was on monsoon time and monsoon rains were showing up intermittently in its big and small packages. The rainy season had made the sea a little rough and submerged some of the beaches here under those roaring waves, compelling the authorities to close those beaches from being visited by tourists till the sea becomes calm by season change.But those who intending a monsoon tour visit to Kerala's vivid landscapes and beaches, don't wait it's time to be here.

fine beaches of kerala photographed during beach tour trips, beach sand getting washed by sea wave, varkala beach photos
White waves advancing the sand shores-Varkala Beach
Am giving just a small part of this beach snaps in this post, what is coming afterwards is more interesting and am confident to say this is one of the most beautiful beach considering the tropical beaches.

The view of numerous white waves advancing onto the shore is one of the uniqueness i found here comparing the beaches of Calicut and Kollam districts of Kerala. The photos here are snapped from one of the main beach which you may visit prior to any other, if you come here.

Beach photos posted here are taken with Samsung SGH 5620 cellphone camera, my new companion.

distant view of varkala beach from vehicle parking lot, full view of kerala beach, southern kerala beaches
Varkala beach, Parking lot view
You can reach other beaches from here by walking through the shore and the accessibility of those depends on weather conditions. Sea was rough when we were there and the guards didn't allowed us to walk onto other beaches.

One of the very first beach view we got from the vehicle parking area is the photo on right side. Local tourists were comparatively less but lot of foreigners were seen around.

There was lot of foreigners swimming, sea bathing, some under sunshades, few of them sunbathing and some teenagers with surfboards. The surfers were found laying over the surfboards floating on the waves than standing. May be laying and floating is comfortable than standing and surfing huh.

kerala beach photos in monsoon season. varkala beach waves during september.white beach waveA few number of beach lifeguards are deployed here and they constantly monitors the tourists. Moving into danger zones of the beach will result in long whistles from the guards.

Although we didn't wanted the beach waves a chance to make us wet they didn't cared asking our permission. Big and small waves were randomly advancing from the sea and some of them were enough to splash upto our knees making us fold up the jeans. I didn't wanted much acquaintances with those waves as am having ma cellphone camera in hand without a safety string.
southern kerala beach, south indian famous beaches, tropical beach photos,small beach rocks in kerala beaches
The small black thing in between the waves is a small beach rock immersed within the sands. There are a few of them seen lonely like this around the beach. You can see bigger and smaller beach rocks and interesting thing is to watch waves fighting them.

Another peculiarity of this beach is groups of huge rocks facing the waves in some parts of the beach and sometimes we have to cross through them to reach the other beach. Its risky and the guards will only permit the tourists to access the other beaches if the sea is calm.

Poles with red flags are fixed in danger zones of the beach and some parts are separated with ropes tied across poles..
beach waves spreading on the beach and wetting the beach sand,fine beach sand leveled in wave activityThe wave spreading on the beach sand. This part of the beach is where not much rocks are seen. Walking to both ends you can witness waves splashing over big rocks. The topography of this place is awesome with the sea meeting long stretching hilly area covered in coconut trees.

The bottom part of the hills where the sea waves strikes on is guarded with rocks and the aerial view of this beach landscape from those hilltops are adorable. Really you will think of a wide angle camera lens if you feel to photograph the beaches from top of the hills. I have some of those beach snaps and will be sharing it to u soon here and i promise its gonna be somewhat unique considering many of the Kerala Beaches.

Many beach resorts and sea side restaurants are seen by the beach sides and hilltops and the tourists coming here will get all the amenities that a foreigner may need.  Art and painting shops, currency exchanges, spices shops, clothings, Travel and tour tickets etc. The beach has more importance than just a tour spot and it's entangled with Hindu mythologies. Anyway so much snaps from here, the Varkala beach of Kerala/India yet to be shared with you and what i posted is just 25 percent of the beach and surroundings. Hope to see you soon back here, and pixelshots will continue sharing the Kerala tour trip photos with you people.
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