Kerala Beach Aerial Photos-Varkala Beach and Rough Arabian sea Waves photographed from Southern Mountain Cliffs of Varkala/Kerala. Monsoon time Beach Photos from Kerala/India

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Varkala Beach under Cliffs
Aerial view of Varkala beach and the Arabian sea, along the southern coastal line of Kerala / India. The beach pictures and the sea given here are taken from the mountain cliffs of Varkala, near to the helipad. Eventhough it was a bad time for beach tourists coming to Kerala beaches, as the sea is rough, watching the vast sea and waves invading the beaches of varkala seemed awesome from here at this mountain top.

Varkala is a unique place having around three beaches. Cliffs guarding the beaches can give you a birds eye view of the long strip of shallow beach lying through those mountain valleys. The varkala formations, ie the mountain cliffs have walking paths through the cliff edges where you may take a walk enjoying the vast sea and cold sea breeze, witnessing breathtaking sea waves splashing over those beach rocks down under the cliffs. 

Another speciality is the clifftop palm thatched hotels and sea side room stays, where you can get affordable accommodations and most of the wold class dishes. Will give you some of those beach side hotel photos soon. Most of beach photos are displayed here in smaller sizes and you can click them to enlarge.

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Unique Kerala Beach, Varkala beach landscape peculiarities-Tour Varkala for these reasons.

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Varkala Formation, Sedimentary mountain cliffs
Varkala beach, cliffs and rocks- what's so special of these things?, have to say this beach of Kerala has much many importance and specialties than other flat land Kerala beaches.

Considering the rocks and nature of the beach topography, Varkala is considered to be an alternative to Kovalam, the famous Indian beach in Trivandrum district of Kerala state. Infact Varkal also is in trivandrum, Kerala's capital district. 

Unique features of Varkala beach and Landscapes
Varkala is a madly preferable beach tour spot if you consider a less crowded and large beach and cliffs. Infact three beaches are there bordered by mountain cliffs. Yea the vast stretch of Mountain Cliffs count to be first peculiarity of this beach.The beaches of Varkala are found to be formed in the valleys of these crescent shaped mountain cliffs. Considering the southern cost of Kerala, mountain cliffs are seen adjacent to beaches only in Varkala. This peculiar geological formations of mountain cliffs are termed as Varkala Formations
Most of the other Kerala beaches are flat lying beside the vast Arabian Sea. The mountain cliffs here named as Varkala formations are considered Geological monument by Geological Survey of India. The invasion of sea waves are seen in some parts of the cliffs and small landslides are seen. Much many huge sedimentary rocks are seen adjacent to the beach alleviating the wave attacks on cliff bottoms.

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