Beaches of Kerala -Tour Varkala for these reasons.

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Varkala Formation, Sedimentary mountain cliffs
Varkala beach, cliffs and rocks- what's so special of these things?, have to say this beach of Kerala has much many importance and specialties than other flat land Kerala beaches.

Considering the rocks and nature of the beach topography, Varkala is considered to be an alternative to Kovalam, the famous Indian beach in Trivandrum district of Kerala state. Infact Varkal also is in trivandrum, Kerala's capital district. 

Unique features of Varkala beach and Landscapes
Varkala is a madly preferable beach tour spot if you consider a less crowded and large beach and cliffs. Infact three beaches are there bordered by mountain cliffs. Yea the vast stretch of Mountain Cliffs count to be first peculiarity of this beach.The beaches of Varkala are found to be formed in the valleys of these crescent shaped mountain cliffs. Considering the southern cost of Kerala, mountain cliffs are seen adjacent to beaches only in Varkala. This peculiar geological formations of mountain cliffs are termed as Varkala Formations
Most of the other Kerala beaches are flat lying beside the vast Arabian Sea. The mountain cliffs here named as Varkala formations are considered Geological monument by Geological Survey of India. The invasion of sea waves are seen in some parts of the cliffs and small landslides are seen. Much many huge sedimentary rocks are seen adjacent to the beach alleviating the wave attacks on cliff bottoms.

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Mountain Stream in Varkala Beach
Another interesting feature of this beach is a mountain stream finding its way into the sea through the white sand of the beach. I had no clue of it till i reached there and was wondering if its just a monsoon time spring that originated due to heavy rains. 

Soon i realized its a permanent mountain stream and is considered to be sacred by the Hindu believers. Heard the beach stream has medicinal curing properties too.  You can find this stream in Papanasham beach, the sacred beach of Hindus.  

The stream have made a flowing course through the beach sand and you can see the beach sand formed like a barrier in the stream sides. The waves of the rough sea kept invading the mouth of the stream which meets the sea, and it's fun to stand in the stream's course and get attacked by the waves and the stream water from both sides. Seen people washing legs after playing around in the sea in this pure water, beach mountain stream.
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Green Rocks of Varkala Beach

Another specialty of Varkala is ofcourse the beach rocks. Seen big and very small rocks adjacent to the mountain cliffs and also immersed in the beach sand. Some of them are very small and hardly you will count it to be a rock from distance. May be due to continuous eroding by the waves they have lost weight and size. 

Some of the beach side rocks which partially gets the wave pats are seen having green ferns cover over. The rocks appeared mostly sedimentary types, but hard rocks are also their and seems they are placed by humans to resist the waves. You can find similar rocks in Kovalam beach too. An attraction is to see the waves trying to overcome those rocks and getting splashed over.
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Beach Sand in Rough Sea Waves- Varkala Beach Snaps
Another feature of Varkala is the shallow beach, which has both hard and soft spots. Advisable to take the life guard's advice for a safe swim in the sea waves.Visiting Varkala beach and surroundings during monsoons will limit you from doing much of the tourist activities which demands direct contact with the rough sea. 

We visited during monsoons and we couldn't make it to have a glance of Thiruvambady beach and the other black sand beach because they were completely invaded by those angry rough sea waves. What we could do was to have glances of the beach areas from mountain cliffs here.So the best season to visit Vrkala is from October to March.
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Cliff top Coconut trees and Clouds

The Cliff tops here in Varkala are found covered by coconut trees abundantly. Some of them are seen having abnormal heights. The shot of those coconut trees over cliff top and the clouds are taken from below the mountains, at the extreme end of papanasham beach

We could have gone further to next beach adjacent there, but the sea had come much forward due to monsoons and we had to go back without being adventurous. Their was red danger flags  placed by the life guards there on beach and we crossed them already. Anyway wishing you to walk forward from here to the next beach when you visit, considering you won't be visiting beaches of Varkala during the monsoons.

Another major feature of this place is the sacred nature, the Hindu religion had given to the beach. They considers the sea and the river stream to be holy, and prays for the spirits of their ancestors, by doing religious rituals in the beach here during a special day of the year. A temple is near to the Papanasham beach.  

Tons of photos from the mountain cliffs and regarding the hotels, resorts and palm cottages over those mountains are still to come. Hope you will be watching pixelshots, the ultimate kerala travel photo blog
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  3. tks for sharing nice place yaar.
    i love Varkala Beach, bcs Varkala Beach, is one of the most beautiful Beach in kerala.

    see more Pic of Saputara @ Varkala Beach,

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