Varkala Beach Monsoon Photos - Rough Sea Aerial Photos from Varkala Cliffs

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Varkala Beach under Cliffs
Aerial view of Varkala beach and the Arabian sea, along the southern coastal line of Kerala / India. The beach pictures and the sea given here are taken from the mountain cliffs of Varkala, near to the helipad. Eventhough it was a bad time for beach tourists coming to Kerala beaches, as the sea is rough, watching the vast sea and waves invading the beaches of varkala seemed awesome from here at this mountain top.

Varkala is a unique place having around three beaches. Cliffs guarding the beaches can give you a birds eye view of the long strip of shallow beach lying through those mountain valleys. The varkala formations, ie the mountain cliffs have walking paths through the cliff edges where you may take a walk enjoying the vast sea and cold sea breeze, witnessing breathtaking sea waves splashing over those beach rocks down under the cliffs. 

Another speciality is the clifftop palm thatched hotels and sea side room stays, where you can get affordable accommodations and most of the wold class dishes. Will give you some of those beach side hotel photos soon. Most of beach photos are displayed here in smaller sizes and you can click them to enlarge.

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If you love beaches and want to watch and play in them for long this is one of the beach countable in your list. Actually a lot more to do than just watching and playing here in the beach waves. If the wind and weather is favourable paragliding is done from the mountain cliffs of these beaches. You have to be fortunate enough to watch people doing that coz, as i said it needs the weather to be favourable. We weren't fortunate enough to see any paragliders in the beach, what else we missed two beaches here, which got immersed in the angry sea waves of Arabian sea.

Hey can you see a whirlpool inside those sea waves. I notoced it only when i was checking the beach photos returning back home. Hey, you couldn't figure out?, look the extreme left in the above photograph of invading beach waves. All photos i took from this place got that wave whirlpool captured in. Have to say this place is ideal to one who love to snap the various looks a beach and sea landscape can have, with an added advantage of those mountain cliffs. 
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Peeping into the angry sea from behind a tree on the cliff. I was planning to go down the cliff and meet the sea in her beach warfront. Just want to see the white sea waves closer.Hope no tsunamis gonna come..
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The waves and the scattered beach rocks. Sea water has come forward due to monsoons and most of the beach rocks are now in an under water fight with those waves.The photos posted here is of one of the beaches of varkala which got under water when the sea became rough in the monsoons.The sea water may retrieve by end of monsoons and we may get the beach back. Its just a natural process.

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Well, the meeting time with those waves is nearing. Can you see those steps going down through the cliffs?. Yea that itself, a small line seen through that dark mountain cliff in the photo.

Narrow stair ways down to the see like them are seen in some parts of the mountain cliffs here. May be they are proper ways to get down to the beaches in tourist season here in Varkala, ie from November to March when the sea is almost calm with small waves.

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Rendezvous with an angry sea. I saw her but she didn't mind, just kept hitting those rocks and mountain bottom as before. I noticed the waves going calm a little in between but comes back with boosted power.

Her nature made me remain in the steps itself, take some snaps and return back. Anyway nice to meet you, and i don't want a handshake or hug from an angry sea like you coz am not planning to get wet in salt water and a little afraid in your manner of dealing with those rocks.

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Sitting stone gathers moss!, The green ferns growing on the beach rocks giving them the bright green colour.There were so many rocks immersed under those waves and they alleviates the wave power before hitting the cliff bottoms.

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The green beach rock just got slapped by the angry Arabian sea.  Hmm u may see the splashing waves if you enlarge the picture. If you have a dedicated camera with a little optical zoom, you can take amazing photographs of encounters between beach waves and those rocks here. Photos here are taken with 3mp cellphone camere of Samsung GTS5620.

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Wave-rock fight going on. The sea keeps hitting those mountains, and what's just in between them is those beach rocks. Angry waves of the Arabian sea advancing to the cliffs bottom, photographed from Varkala/Trivandrum/Kerala.

Funny thing, ma companion was waiting above the cliff and he was making continuous calls on ma cell to check if am alive still. Have to return back now.

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A beach eaten by rough sea waves. View of the Arabian sea waves from Varkala Helipad Cliffs.The beach called Thiruvambady is here. Hey, you can't see the beach, yea me too can't see. How could we, currently the sea is playing on that beach.

The place down this crescent shaped mountain cliff is the beach and now got under water due to the monsoons. So be here only during the beach tourist season, if you are not preferring monsoon tourism. Anyway the papanasham beach is always there for you, unless tsunamis are there.

You can't see many beaches and cliffs like this in south India. This tropical beach has its own very unique peculiarities. If you planning a beach holiday trip selecting Varkala could be a nice choice for this beach has more to offer than any other ordinary beaches. Just make sure you are not visiting in an off tourism season.

Lots of Varkala photos still remaining eventhough i skipped many of them from being posted. Pixelshots will keep you updated with photos and info from kerala tour trips.Cu back here soon.
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