Candle Flame,chameleon,butterfly,spider on web,beach sunset etc.....Mobile Phone camera Photos..

A gallery of macro and closeup photography using Sony mobile phone cameras.. Just have a look on snaps of candle flames, cute butterfly, a spider in his web, sunset photo from calicut beach, and a green chameleon.... just scroll down..The cell phones used are SonyEricsson's W810,K810 cyber shot,K550 cyber shot, k750

Just an Amateur collection of digital photographs..

candle flame closeup mode digital image

"The Flame..Burning itself to give light to others....."
The photo was taken when the lights went off unexpectedly in our hostel room and we lit a candle.....

Most of the candles today are made of paraffin, where as bee's wax, plant waves, wax from beef processing etc..Gel candles are mixture of plastic and paraffin..
The entire thing works on the capillary force..Hmm you may know that... And the yellow part of the flame is due to oxidation of carbon..

You may some times see blue colour near to the thread while a candle burns and its due to separation of hydrogen from the fuel and it is turned into water vapour... Pretty much happenings while a candle burns huh..

photo by: Georjo
camera: SonyEricsson W810i(2mp)
focus mode: macro

butterflies closeup digital picture from home garden
"The perfect black and white blending on the wings of the butterfly.."
The photo snapped from the surroundings of our college.

photo by: Nouphal
camera: SonyEricsson K810 Cybershot(3,15mp)
focus mode: macro

flowers closeup image from beach side plant in fort cochin kerala india
"The flowers looks like brushes no.."
Got the right lighting on the subject. The green fresh look of the plant inspired me to take this snap....From the beach at Fort Cochin.......

photo by: Georjo
camera: SonyEricsson W810i(2mp)
focus mode: macro

spider closeup images taken from nature
"Seems he is waiting for his breakfast...."
The shot of the spider in its web on a sunny morning. You can see the dew drops on the leaves aside. Took from our hostel premises.

photo by: Georjo
camera: SonyEricsson W810i(2mp)
focus mode: macro

beach golden sunset with clouds in horizon from kerala
"The shining clouds adds beauty of the sunset..Watch the glittering clouds spread over the sky"
An evening view from Calicut beach .

photo by: Sreejith
camera: SonyEricsson K550i Cybershot(2mp)
focus mode: auto

camelion sitting on a garden plant closeup photograph
"heyy!!!! I wanna be a model !!!!..Give me a chance,,,I will show you what i can do!!!!!

The camelion from our hostel surroundings.. The photographer should be that patient to grab a pose like this..
Watch the skin colour, made to green to be unnoticed between the leaves...Hmmm the natural camoflague!!!!

So many interesting facts are their about a chamelion..Around 160 species of chamelion are around the planet..You know these creatures have their eyelids covered all over the eyes and only a small hole is their at the point of pupil to see..

Even though the most interesting thing is that these ones can see all the things at an angle of 360 degree around their head, and also the two eyes can be concentrated on two subjects...The colour changing capability is not just as a camoflague but also to attract their mates..

photo by: Joji
camera: SonyEricsson K750i(2mp)
focus mode: auto

Hope to meet you soon again with some more interesting things.. Till then a short break.. C ya..with love pixelshots the photo blog..


adoor said...

waiting 4 mahabali puram photos..what a place yar..

Anonymous said...

ur photos proves that sony has an edge over others ......I hav tried others already....

vishnu said...

the sunset with clouds sprinkled on the horizon is awesome.. which beach is that.. i like watching such golden sunset sceneries

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