Cochin Jain Temple Photos,Images from Inside Jain temple, Mattancherry- Kerala

Cochin Jain Temple and Premises

Giving you images of the Jain temple in Cochin/kerala..The jain society here are migrated long ago from GUJARAT. The place shows you some light into jaina religious beliefs and rituals..Photos of Thirthankara or Jain God, inside the temple images , temple premises etc are posted for you..

The Jain Temple located on the Gujarati Road at Mattancherry near Cochin at Ernakulam district of the Indian state Kerala.. The Jain community here is migrated from Kutch and saurashtra of Gujarat long years ago for business..

The temple was built as a memorial and is now handed over to the Jain Sangh (association of jains in kerala) and is now administered by them..

This Jain temple is now nearing a century and after compleating its 100th year the temple will be known as Jain Tirth, and will carry a very prominent position among the Jain Temples in India, and Kochi will be having an important position among the Jains in India.

The place is calm and quiet and the Jain community is living around the premises of the Temple there.

Knowing nothing about Jains, Except the spelling of Jainism me and my friend where a little confused when we got into the Temple premises. We were unaware of any of their customs if have to be kept while entering the temples. Just removing our shoes we went in.

Wanna come with us. Hmm watch your deeds. We going to enter a Temple.!
jaina temple photo from cochin mattancherry kerala india,temple which is a century old from kerala,temples-cochin-keralaThe Jaina Temple...... Cochin...

The calm and quiet temple and the surroundings says a lot about Jainism. Jaina's are vegetarians and keeps non-violence, self-controll, and penance as the principles to lead a good jaina life.. Jaina temples are open to all communities and these people mingles with other communities generously..
jaina temple inside photos from cochin kerala,one of the oldest indian jain temples,kerala-jain-temples,jainism-keralaInside the Jaina Temple

This is the inner of the Temple, where the marbled floors are having some artwork at the center of the hall and the place where the small Jaina god's sculptures are placed has a walk way around it. Some women followers of jainism were seen there taking walks around the god's sculptures.
mahavira the jaina god from old indian jain temple in gujarathy street mattancherry india kerala,jaina-gods or thirthankara mahavira,cochin-jain-temple-photos,kerala-templesSri Guru Gautham Swami - The first Deciple of Thirthankara Mahavira. He took the first Diksha from Thirthankara Mahavira.

There are 24 tirthankaras or Jaina Gods.. Two of them had their proof of existence in the pages of history... One among them is the Lord Mahavira...

God in jainism or Tirthankara is not meant as the ultimate power of universe in jainism. A tirthankara is the one who have made controll over the enemies of his mind from leading the life towards moksha and a person who has conquered his mind like this is termed as 'Jina' among the jains...

The ultimate aim of Jainism is thus to get Moksha or become a Jina..
thirthankaras of jainism photographed from the jaina temple of cochin mattancherry kerala,role-models-of-jainism,photos-of-indian-jain-templeMuni of Jaina religion-Sri Shanthi Suri Maharaj Murthi

From the Temple premises. Their are a few number of small sculptures of Jaina Gods like this all over the temple places. I was unable to figure out the exact names for am not that familiar with this religion...Jainism is followed by about four million people in India and the religion is also seen in North America, Australia etc.

the front view of jain temple in gujarathy street of cochin mattancherry kerala india,jain temple cochin which is 100 years old,kerala-jain-temples,Gujarati-street-jain-temple-mattancherryThe Jaina Temples. A view from the entrance pathway..

The place is kept calm and the surroundings of the temple is paved with interlocking floor tiles.. The temple adds value to the historical prominence of the place Mattancherry besides the DUTCH PALACE museum and JEW STREET--The place where the Jew Community lived in Kerala.
temples in india kerala,jaina temple picture ernakulam,cochin,kerala,india,kerala-oldest-templesA side View shot Of the Jaina Temple Front

The temple is having a special architectural design, and is one of the cutest ones among temples in India. The dome has step by step elevating structure. And like the Hindu temples the pillars are also sculptured....

The photos are continued in the next post of Jain temple..      

bye for again..
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  1. hmm u gave me a concept of the religion.. jainism

  2. hey tina thnx for the feedback.. grateful to hear from you..

  3. There are jain temples in Kerala dating back to BC

  4. good work, why dont u ad more photos from delhi, i think lot of temples are there

  5. nice photos but some mistakes are there for the photos description.
    one photo frame photo is there. that is sri guru gautham swami god mahavira 1st deceiple(shisya)and he took the 1st diksha from thirthankara mahavira.
    in one photo there are 2 devis with red dress. they are not thirthankaras. they are the shahan devi of our jain religion
    in one photo there is one muni that is sri shanti suri maharaj murthy which you had said as may be thirthankara.

    so please correct the same
    good work

  6. @sailesh.

    really appreciate your feedback and changed the names of devis and disciple as you said.

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  8. Very informational post. Part of the twin cities of Ernakulam-Kochi, Ernakulam is known as the 'commercial capital' of Kerala. Ernakulam has gradually developed into an urban city and is rated as the third most populous district in the state. Check out best hotels in Ernakulam also.


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