Kerala flowers:Yellow and white flowers of jamanthi,common South indian Flowers similar to spidermums

Chrysanthemum flowers from the gardens of Kerala state of India. Let me give you today some white flowers of innocence along with the colour of  friendship joy and happiness, ie the yellow mellow jamanthi flowers, the Indian chrysanthemums.They are the particular Kerala flowers, named jamanthi.

we can see these flowers in the gardens of Kerala. The state of Tamilnadu cultivates these flowers commercially and supplies to the flower merchants in Kerala..Eventhough the flower is nice to look at, the fragrance is not that noticeable one. The flowers blooms in seasons in bunches, really a feast to the eyes by blending in yellow and white flowers in the home gardens..

White bunch of Jamanthy Flowers

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 The colour of innocence. purity and pure love. send her white flowers conveys your love is pure..Also presenting white flowers have a meaning that she is so perfect in the way she is..Most commonly the flowers for romance is roses.. the custom is presenting rose bouquets than other flowers.

Yellow flowers of Jamanthys, one of the popular south Indian Flowers
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Yellow mellow..Yellow jamanthy flower bunch from home gardens.. yellow being the color of friendship is also presented to start a friendship that is looking forward into something more special than a friendship. wanna start with yellow flowers???

Usually the flowers meant for saying your feelings are roses, so it will be fine presenting roses than something else.Orchids are also used for the same with roses.Jamanthy flowers are the flowers local to southern part of India, especially in Kerala and Tamilnadu. The plant and flowers have similarity to spidermum garden plants and flowers.
Photography by Arun..
Will give you the next post back in time friends..
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  1. Excellent photos.crysantham and Jamanthi are the same? What is the industrial uses of Jamanthi.Crysanthmum can be used as insceticide..


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