Arabian Night Dark Violet Dahlia Flowers- dahlia gardening tips and plant facts

One more flower species into the kerala flower database of Pixelshots photo blog. The photographs are taken using sonyericsson Cellphone camera of K750i. The flower pictures are re-sized and saved in lowest quality before being uploaded here in pixelshots.  

Dahlia Violet Flowers- Flower Facts & Garden Plant care information with Closeup Photos of Arabian-Night Violet Dahlia:
Violet Flowers from the garden photos. Cute dark violet flowers of Dahlia. These species of dahlias are termed as Arabian Nights. May be due to the dark violet colour of the flower it got tugged with the word night. Photos of the violet flowers by a friend from his home garden.

Dahlia Flower Facts:
Dahlias are perennial tuberous plants which have about 30,000 species. They are natives of Mexico and central America. moreover dahlias are now the national flower of Mexico. Mostly the flowers are grown for their waxy bright flowers in a variety of colors. Various hybrid species are developed to gave stunningly colour blended flowers. Other than as a garden flower dahlia plants are good food for some larvae and moths.
Dahlias are just brightly colored attractive flowers and they lack the quality-Flower Fragrance. Dahlia flowers usually are seen with medium sizes like other garden flowers. The fact is their are species which is as small as diameter of 5cm and size ranges upto 30cm. Hmm haven't met a 30 Cm one yet. Dahlia flowers of the size given in the photos are common in kerala, but not the 30 cm one. These big flowers of dahlias, ie with that 30 cm diameter are named as 'Dinner Plates'..
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Dark Violet Arabian Night Dahlia flower Closeup shot.One interesting fact happened to notice is the buds and flowers always has a bowed head, As if they are so humble. May be so shy to look over the sun shine above. Its a true fact that these flowering plants hate direct sunlight.

Ideal Conditions to Grow Dahlias In your Garden:
 As said above dahlia plants don't like the direct stare of sun. Ideal light for these garden plants is indirect sunlight, likely to be in a small shade, but not a dark pitch black shade, no need to say so i think.. About the soil condition, the plant of Dahlias needs well drained soil. The plants usually grows healthy in tropical conditions without much cold or hot weather.

Its favorable to keep the moisture of the soil by adequate watering. the plant needs some support as they are mostly perennial in nature. If they happen to fall down, possible reduction in blooming of the flowers are seen. Windy weather conditions makes it a must that you  give a support for the plant to grow straight. Often large flowers of these garden plants will make the flowers dangle down demanding the gardener to give a proper support.

Dahlias can be grown healthier in lightly loose soil enriched with ordinary organic manure like bone meal or decomposing vegetative matters. The plant needs caring and healthy manuring till the flowers are to come. To get healthy big flowers the plant has to be cared accordingly.

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Dark Violet Pointed Densely arranged petals. More than enough for a bee to get attracted into. The waxy looking brightly colored flowers have made Dahlias much popular among gardeners. In flower shows and exhibitions varieties of these dahlias are often found, and their presence is absolutely justifiable for their beauty. Commonly these flowers last for a few days provided they are not cut off from the plant. Gradually the petal colors fades off and the elder gives way for younger buds to smile on the world around.

Dahlia Plant Propagation Methods:
The garden plant is usually and widely propagated from their tuberous stems. The carefully knife cut stems can be rooted in moist sand and later transplanted into garden pots etc. The plant needs the support as they grows up and some species can standout without one after sufficient growth. Dahlias can also be propagated from the seeds. Sowing them in moist well drained soil makes the seeds sprout within  7 to 20 days.After two or three sets of leaves are seen the plants can be transferred into pots. The month for propagation of dahlias is normally from March to April. 

Pruning Dahlia Garden Plants:
For getting healthy big flowers pruning of Dahlia plants should be maintained as needed. For shrub like growth of the plant the tip of the growing stem after 3 or four steps of leaves can be done. By the time of budding, if you care to get bigger flower than a numerous number of flowers, should care to pinch out a few number of buds keeping the healthier ones.

Their are some orange Dahlia plants in my garden and the care given to it is literally null.For me not caring the garden much anymore no feeding or replanting of the dahlia is done yet.The fact about it is it comes like a visitor by the months of  November or December. ie the plant seed starts sprouting out then..Within a month starts flowering  and becomes the main attraction around with those bunches of light orange flowers. They are usually hard colored orange flowers by birth and gradually fades out. By the end of flowering season the plant entirely dies off leaving the place even without a mark, and meets me again by next season. Pretty cool  member of my garden..
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