Inside Christian Saint Alphonsas home,Sister Alphonsa pictures & her Father's Room, Kudamaloor,Kerala

Continuation of the previous post on St Alphonsa. More about the catholic woman Saint sister Alphonsa from Kerala / India. The photos here are from inside her native home at kudamaloor village of Kottayam / Kerala. The old small home now kept as a museum named Alphonseum or museum of St Alphonsa. The photos and the old small home gives the visitors a view of her childhood and the simple lifestyle she had.A must visit among the Christian Pilgrimage places in Kerala / India
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A portrait of the simple Woman who born in a common small family, in a small village of  Kerala, but  became a Saint for the entire catholic community around the world. She left us giving a message, "Doesn't matter how you are born, but matters how you live and die"!. Their are great peoples who does good to fellow beings and dies off, their are people who does good to others when they die!, but saints are those who keeps doing favours to others even after death!.Death is a gain to these people as they have  special place and powers in  the kingdom of God and keeps helping us from there.
Saint Alphosnas's home museum. What is written in Malayalam over the door frame is' Alphonsammayude pithavu kidannirunna muri' which means "The room used by St Alphonsa's father.The photo was taken from outside the real small house but inside Alphonseum. ie to preserve this small holy place a covering to the house is built around like a Nalukettu. Along the sidewalk events from the Saints life are portrayed. Ofcourse you can enter this small house. This is not a place where you can expect antiques and sculptures but a holy place which witnessed the childhood of a Catholic Saint. So its more to a christian pilgrimage centre than a museum. The place is much remote and its her sainthood that made this place Kudamaloor known to the World.
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