Rain Soaked Yellow bell flowers-Kerala Flowers

The evening rain drenched her with the nature's tears.. But indeed it made her more cute and fresh.. Yea the yellow mellow allamanda flowers from the home garden..

Just after the rain in my search for something interesting around to get snapped with a Cannon powershot A530 5 megapixel digital camera, the yellow flower bunches soaked in the rain water came into view..

These yellow flowers are also called yellow bell flowers, buttercup flowers,or golden trumpet flower.Anyway these are allamandas. In Malayalam, the local language of Kerala, these are commonly called as Kolamby Poovu...

Kolamby a type of  brass vessel used to use very commonly , and these flowers turned out to be in the shape of those vessels, and probably that may be the reason behind the name.
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Her younger sister bud is still to Bloom,
you may have seen the light red tipped long bud above the flower..
Raindrops spilled on the petals have made the flowers much fresh and i love to see them so.
The twin yellow bell flowers.
Interesting thing is, no two flowers from the same bunch of buds won't be seen much close.. may be the nature's way to give room for the big flowers when bloomed.
A closer look of the Kolamby Poovu, the yellow butter cups..
The long stranded flower may be acting as small dens for the tiny insects around.. Yea i have seen a honey bee going inside the flower. Yea may be common for honey bees are meant to go into flowers.

But i have met a yellow grasshopper, which seemed entirely built for an allamanda flower.. The colours were soo matching that no one can easily figure out the insect sitting in.. will show you the photograph in a coming post..
Face to face, with a yellow flower member of my garden.
A beautiful member who came in for may be a day or two, and returning to God soon.. Thought shall make them immortal here by photographing..

Allamada, the plant is native to lands of America.Seen widely in tropical areas.. The plant shows vigorous growth rate and pretty good flowering nature, mostly in all seasons. This nature made them to be used as ornamental plants. Stem grows thick and the plant grows up to heights and often can be made them grow through garden structures in desired shapes.

The bell flower plant needs less care from you provided they are planted in a little moist sunny area. The plant grows rapidly and will start flowering soon. To be honest, i haven't even noticed this plant till started flowering. And in no time its became a nice attraction in the home garden.

Allamada are not just garden plants, but they are proven and yet going to be proved on new areas in its medicinal values. the plant contains Allmandin, something against toxins. Roots and flowers are used to make cartharic, a powerful medicine to treat constipation. The milky sap of the plant, eventhough may sometimes itchy and rash makers, proven to be have antibacterial, and can be cancer curing properties. Hmm not a bad deal huh..

Will be meeting you soon..
here again in pixelshots..

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  1. Nice blog. You have posted pretty shots of flower that made me bloom here for a very long time.

  2. It is very beautiful flower :)

  3. ahaha ang gaganda ng mga picture ... more interesting .. kung me additional info pa about yellow bell .... ang cute

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