Temple Festivals,Part of Kerala's Culture;Photos of Pooram, from Shiva Temple in Thrissur/Kerala

Being in Kerala its hard to miss these festivals of colours. Poorams that is what these festivals named on in here and means like big gathering or festival. Eventhough its glued to the Temples, irrespective of any religion or cast peoples gathers for the big event, na events. Its many around the state of Kerala by a time of the year. Every Temple will have a big celebration atleast once in a year, and is celebrated by the whole people of the near locality and people comes from distant places depending on the Temple's fame. Elephant processions, Night Fire works, cultural arts, dramas etc are a part of the festival which may last for a number of days. The main attraction of the main day of the Pooram is ofcourse the colorfully decorated Temple elephants and their ornaments.
Temple celebration of Kerala
Tusker Elephants decorated for the show off...
From a temple in Thrissur district of Kerala state.The temple is devoted to Lord Shiva, and you can see the picture of shiva in the ornament called Thidambu held by the mahouts sitting over. The other decoratives used there are Alavattoms and venchamaroms. These are peculiar ornaments made entirely for celebrations and processions related to Temples here in Kerala.
Depicting  Lord Krishna with his Beloved Radha, as said by the Hindu holy books..
So many colourful ornaments and make-outs like this are displayed on the very occasion of these festivals which shows the culture and dignity of the state. Festivals like these are much favorable for our eyes with those colorful ornaments and also for the ears as the drums are kept playing. The group of Instrument set used for the musical background is termed as Panchavadyam- means a combination of 5 instruments are used with the drums.
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