Water Hyacinth Flowers-Violet Flower of the Worst Aquatic plant Weed from Kerala Rivers

What about water weeds?.Water Hyacinth, an aquatic plant floating in fresh water bodies like rivers ponds etc..They have slender round leaves and light violet flowers. Its happens to be like a violet flower feast when they usually blooms.. They spreads like violet carpet all over the rivers and ponds.. But the problem is, the Spreading itself.. They can spread faster and fierce, and when got destroyed they pollutes the entire water body.Recently these ones came in news, as they  clogged into the shutter of one of the Kerala's river dam and made some destruction to the dam's sidewalls during heavy water inflow.

Water Hyacinth a native of the Amazons, is termed as one of the worst aquatic weed in the world..These water weeds were imported to Australia as aquarium plants. As they had the capability to spread and flower even in small garden ponds, they spread as a aquatic garden plant very fast. Inturn they spread into the rivers and started making the real menance.. Within no time these aquatic plant carpet spread across, covering the rivers. Resulting in greater difficulties for navigation, recreation, irrigation and generation of power.
Dennis the Menance.. Na Hyacinth the Menace..
The violet flower of the aquatic plant. Sometimes they blooms in groups, giving the entire surface of rivers and ponds a violet colour, like a violet carpet spread over.. These flowers can't be used for decoration for they can't sustain fresh for much time if got plucked. And very fragile too. Water weeds can spread so fast covering the rivers soo dense outgrowing all the fellow aquatic plants. As they dominate, life under water, both plants and fishes starts declining due to lack of dissolved oxygen content. They hardly gives the water surface to be in contact with the atmospheric air.If you watch the roots of these ones you will notice small bubbly root formation, which may be helping them to float on. 

The floating pairs.. Flowers of the floating water plant Hyacinth..Termed as Kula-Vazha in Malayalam the language of kerala
If we account the problems created by these in the natural environment there are many.. These plants usually squeezes other forms of life around and they grows so fast and wide, and dense..An acre of  healthy water hyacinth can weight upto 200 tonnes, clumsier than any other aquatic plant.  There will be a large reduction of  aquatic animals and plants as these aquatic plant weeds reduces the water quality.Roots of these ones are perfect breeding place for the mosquitoes and other pathogens.In short they can spread diseases as well as pollute the environment along with blocking the navigation on inland boats.These water weeds also found to affect paddy cultivations.People living near water bodies with these weeds are found to develop skin rashes, cough, malaria, encephalitis and other gastro-intestinal disorders..

But the Australian government came up with a remedy, biological agents against these weeds.. The agents were nothing but moths and beetles which gained a control over the weeds in no time, ofcourse by eating them...

But nothing in this world is useless.. These too have got some peculiar features and uses. Water Hyacinth are rich in fibers in their roots. This feature makes them a preference for making bags, carpets, yarns,ropes,boxes etc from dried out matter of water hyacinth plants. Cottage industries are now running in kerala producing  beautiful handicrafts from these  aquatic plants..Hyacinth is found out to be used as a bio manure like compost,feed for cattles and also possibilities of renewable energy source.. Suspected water filtering capabilities too , which may turn out beneficiary in future.. Anyway, its not possible for God to make something so useless huh....
 Photos taken with SonyEricsson K750i Cellphone camera in macro mode..
Cu soon..
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  1. Nice blog. The pictures of water hyacinth posted on your blog looks pretty. Enjoyed it very much.

  2. yes waterlilies or waterhyacinth are really the worst aquatic weed, as you said, but i agree that the flowers are beautiful. I also have it in my blog too. I have a version from Vietnam with a different morphology and maybe a different genus, but until now i haven't correctly identified it.

  3. i think this is a pretty fower but deadly


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