Kumarakom,Kerala's Backwater Tourism village

Some talk and photographs about Kumarakom, the place for Backwater tourism in Kerala. This Christmas vacation's small tour trip happened to be to Kumarakom. A lovely place in the Kottayam district of Kerala blessed with the beauty of Mangrove forests and Backwaters. Kumarakom is often termed  as the Tourist Village of Kerala due to the variety in tourist attractions in the place.With nice accommodation facilities by   lake Resorts and the backwater cruises or House boats Kumarakom is at the top of list if you prefer Backwater Tourism in Kerala.

Photos of the Backwaters and House Boats in Kumarakom; Taken while boating through the lake.
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Boating through the Vembanad Lake, in Kumarakom. The tourist Village of Kerala. You can't help from watching the cruising House Boats here in the lake. Those mighty moving Boat Houses are just everywhere waiting or moving with the Tourists. 
Backwater Lake of Kerala, The Vembanad Kayal.Largest backwater of Kerala and the Longest Lake in India
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The Kumarakom Lake, or a part of the largest Backwater lake of Kerala- Vembanad.Their are tourist resorts along the sides.A resort of the Taj group is very much near to this place.These photographs are taken while a small picnic boat trip through the backwaters.

This tour pics are not at all taken with the care or intention to post,but were just some amateur shots and i shall say that the place's beauty was beyond the limit of the small camera we had. Infact was not a photography tour trip huh. But take ma word for it that you gonna love this place for the tropical weather and the scenic beauty of the place along with the delicious fish recipes you gonna get.

Taking a house boat for rent, and having the tour trip along the backwaters of Kerala is having an assured enchant. So many House boat photos are gonna come, along with the snaps taken while walking through the mangrove forests in the Bird Sanctuary here in Kumarakom the Backwater paradise of Kerala.
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