Tiny Violet Flowers, Mexican Heather Flower Closeups From gardens of Kerala

Violet flowers from the home garden. The tiniest violets i found there in a bushy shrub-like garden plant in Kerala. The flowers are ordered through the sides of bouquet like shrub leaves. Something that we can cut out and readily place in our flower vase. They are already arranged by nature itself, a ready-made bouquet from the gardens. 

The tiny flowers with those small green leaves form a perfect small flower arrangement. The main stem grows up and small branches grow to the two sides of the main branch like a palm leaf. Purple flowers are bloomed at the edges of those tiny branches in bunches.
Macro mode photos of the tiny violet Mexican Heather Flowers.
Mexican Heather from Gardens of Kerala

Purple flower closeups of evergreen Hawaiian false Heather also known as elfin hearb,
Hawaiian Heather or Hawaiian False Heather. The tiny beautiful shrub Flowers
 The flowers if watched closer may seem like violet paper flowers. The petals have some orderless folds and bends, but they are so cute in the way they appear. Being in the group makes them more beautiful flower bunches. These plants are ideal to be planted along the boundary walls and lines. 

Their roots are meshed like spreading ones and help to keep the upper soil around the plant in hold. the plants won't spread out much but grow in an order of its own if done a little pruning. The plants don't need much care and they can be grown from their stems. If grown in a pot it may feel like a green bouquet with violet flowers arranged in the pot when the plant grows up.

Recently I checked for more details of this plant and it is found out to be Mexican heather, also termed as Mexican False Heather or Hawaiian Heather or Hawaiian False Heather, elfin herb. It is regarded as a weed in Hawai, the place where it is naturalized. Its regarded as a garden plant in many places. 

This plant has got AGM, the UK's Royal Horticultural Society's Award of Garden Merit.

Photos are taken with Cannon powershot A530 in manual point focus.

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  1. What is the name of this flower

    1. Mexican heather, Hawaiian heather, False heather, Elfin Herb. A plant native to Guatemala, Mexico and Honduras. Its an evergreen one and is seen grown on many places around the world.


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