Big Trees @ Thenmala Ecotourism Deer Park. Photos of River and Mixed Deciduous Forest Trees in southern regions of Western Ghats.

Photos of  Big trees found in the Thenmala forests and the river Kallada that find its way through this green lush evergreen forests of western ghats found here. The nature of the forest here in and around Shenduruny Wildlife Sanctuary is mixed deciduous forest with evergreen ones. The trees here in this post are photographed from the Deer park of Thenmala eco tourism. Most of the trees found here are huge tall evergreen trees-the typical Western Ghat Nature. The deer park is meant to protect the deers used to stay out of inner forests.

tree photos from western ghat forests,trees of thenmala forests,schenthuruny wildlife sanctuary trees,mixed deciduous forest trees,thenmala eco tourism deer park treesThe greenery of the forest is preserved around the park as the name suggests- ECO TOURISM. Have found some interesting trees along the river side of this park. Interesting in the sense of trunk shapes and sizes especially when coming to the bottom part. Most of the forest trees in this park are having a name board telling their names including scientific names. Some of the trees found here are Therakam, Karanjili, Kambakom, Karimarom etc. You may have heard about Kambakom, the tree renowned for its strength and which is used in the construction of bridges and even elephant training cages in olden times. The vehicular hanging bridge of Punalur was having Kambakom wooden planks in its platform.

The tree to the above right is seen while we walking around in the deer park after snapping some of the deers there inside the fenced part of the deer rehabilitation. Comparing to other ones this tree is small, but the tree trunk appeared like layers rooted into the ground.
big tree of forest,kerala forest trees,deer park trees thenmala,huge tree trunk,Trees of Western Ghat forests
Found this one accidentally inside the deer park forest. We were going to return, but somehow walked a little more and found this one beside the Kallada river flowing near the deer park.The bottom of this tree is covering such a huge area that about 8 to 10 people can stand inside the space and there will be still more room. It was one of the biggest trees found in the park. It was impossible to get a full view of the tree for much obstructions in between if you try focusing from distance. In this picture you can't get the real size of this tree, for it you have to meet him there in the park. Assuring you that this tree is lot more huge than it appears in this photo.

big trees in forests,weird shaped forest trees,Karanjili, scientifically known as Dipterocarpus bourdollonii, Dipterocarpaceae,malayalam common tree names,Karanjili,Charattaanjili,Karannili, Carattannili,Charantanjili

Think the trees name is Karanjili, scientifically known as Dipterocarpus bourdollonii or Dipterocarpaceae. In malayalam common names of this tree are Karanjili, Charattaanjili, Karannili, Carattannili, Charantanjili etc. What i can tell you about its nature is it's very tall and broadly rooted into the ground.

green river water,kallada river photo,river flowing aside deer-park,forest river,rivers of western ghats

The greenish deep river water seen from the Deer park. The river water is fed into the stream from the upper Irrigation cum Hydro Electric dam of Parappar-Thenmala. It's now flowing into the water pickup point of KIP canals built adjacent to the Weir dam at Ottakkal.

The sides of the river is dense with forest trees and vegetation, but nearing to the urban area the river side is seen with buildings and the water not any more Green. Finally it empties into the backwaters of Kerala

dangerous rivers of Kerala,deep rivers of kerala,kallada river thenmala,green colored forest river flowing from western ghats

The river as seen from the deer rehabilitation centre side walk. Watch the trees on the other side, leaning as much as they can into the water. The river appears much calm and quiet isn't it. But the inner parts of her are treacherous than you can imagine. Have posted the dry river bed photos from a little downstream before the weir dam in this river. These parts of Kallada are considered the river's danger zones and is not supposed to get down into the river. Can't predict water level and flow in this river at any point of time coz it's entirely depending on the upstream Hydero electric cum irrigation dam project.

Sometimes you may miss this place if you are not trying to give a walk round the deer park fencing. We only walked a little and returned for the time was already 4:30pm and we had to move onto the other eco tourism points of Thenmala.

karanjili, kerala forest tree

Trying to get the top view of the tree - Karanjili. It's a common tree found throughout the deciduous forests of southern parts of western ghats, along the Sahya mountain ranges.

The tree is considered tall growing in the range of 50 metres. They are said to bloom white flowers. This one we found in the deer park forest is seen thinner and longer above the base, eventhough the base was extra ordinarily wide and bulk.

big trees in kerala forests,tree beside forest river,huge trees with fruits and flowersThe tree is also known to have fruits and seeds. It's seen mostly near wet lands of the forests and here its growing just beside the river. Having an expedition through the forests here in the shenthuruny wild life sanctuary which extends over more than 100 square kilometers, will surely help you witness trees more huge than this one for sure. 

Many trekking journeys can be planned from the eco tourism point there in Thenmala. Here too small Nature trails are seen through the forests other than for visiting the deers of the park. Have time?, you can take a walk!.

 Small river side trekking and watching the forests from the tree house are the activities as a traveler you can indulge in here. If you really interested in Western Ghat Trees and vegetation it's a living museum of forest Trees carrying their names in green boards. While having a tour trip to this side of Kerala, mainly the eco tourism ones, have your back pack ready with trekking gears you may need.

Eco tourism in Thenmala has many arranged forest trekking trips and adventure travels through the heart of shenthuruny wildlife sanctuary forests. Even forest guard assisted deep forest camping packages are available for tourists. Coming post will be a glance into some more attractions here in Thenmala eco tourism projects. This photo post is just a casual one that peeped in between the main attractions on its way. Be back here with Pixelshots, the travel photo blog of Kerala.
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