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From the jew Street of mattancherry Cochin Kerala..The street is adorned with shops selling Antiques Paintings Sculptures, Handicrafts, Handmade Toys, House holds, Garments, Candlier Lamps and many many curious cute materials which are tied up with the culture and history of  the very god's Own Country Kerala..

The street which is the witness of many historical events still has the fragrance of it in the form of sculptures, pottery, paintings etc.. Fragrance yea there is a mild fragrance of spices from the spice shops here which is a few in number compared to past Cochin, which was a main spice trading center..Spices like Pepper Cardamom, cinnamon etc were once abundant here..Still available but not like before..
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Sculptures more to Antiques..A shop filled with clay sculptures, candlier ceiling lamps, brass and copper sculptures etc..Some paintings are also seen, but absolutely not a paintings shop..Their are shops which are dedicated for selling paintings, in the street..

Some of the shops are big enough and they even charges a small fee for photographing and visiting the shop's inside.Some shops restricts visitors with board like "Entry for Customers Only" etc..But you can have a glance of the shops inners from the street itself..
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Copper Brass and may be Panchaloha sculptures..Hmm all are small ones, but you can see much bigger ones in some shops.Also some clocks, they claims some of these are carried over to them from the Jew families lived here..May be true.

You can see the remainings of old Jewish buildings in some parts of the street..Much traditional households used here in Kerala, which are new to the present generation of Keralites are also displayed in some shops..I remember some huge water wheel made of wood found somewhere in the shops, which were used for irrigation in paddy fields here in Kerala long before.
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 Hanging lamps, colourful candliers, copper oil lamps, wooden households and small sculptures, a copper bell etc from an antiques shop in Cochin Mattancherry..

The place was given to the Jews by the Raja of Cochin as a place of their own, later much of the jew community moved from here and their are only a few living here. their is still service in the Jew Synagogue here on their religious days and the synagogue is open to tourist in weekdays..The Dutch Palace, Jew Synagogue Jain Temple etc are nearby this place.Their are boat and bus services from Ernakulam to the place and places like Fort Cochin is nearby from the place..

Meet you as soon as possible..Take care..

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