Fish market Photos-Kerala, Fort Cochin

Photographs of fishes from the fish market of Fort Cochin Kerala-the South Indian state.The continuation of the previous edible sea fish galleries from fort cochin beach side. The place is an active fish market by evenings..You can take home fresh sea fishes and crabs for a reasonable price if you are good in bargaining..

Also you can select a fish from the fish seller and get it cooked from some nearby restaurants.. Under the light of the CFL lamps the fresh catch of fishes were so interesting subjects for a photographer, that we can't leave them unsnapped..Hope you may have seen and ,sometimes have eaten fishes like these ones. Could you please help me name them. Am not so well versed with fishes. Anyway am gonna give a try. Correct me if any mistakes with the names am giving them.

Silver Pomfrets, Edible Fishes from Fish Market in Kerala
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 Silver Pomfret fishes..Hmm on the weighing balance, can you guess how much they weight.About 3 kilos, and was costing about 300 INR i think. Not that precise with the price, but the fish cost around that..In our local language of kerala- Malayalam these fishes are called as AVOLI.. No need to describe the taste of these ones fried with pepper paste smeared over.When you happen to be once here in Kerala, don't miss the opportunity to taste all fish varieties here.

Kerala's Sea Fishes-Fish Market Photos
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Hmm.. laying together in ice..
The Varieties of Fishes in Cochin fish market. A snap from Fort Cochin Fish market in the evenings..heir are pomfrets,ribbon fish like fishes,Indian Mackerel fishes etc..Fishes, big, small and lengthy stick like ones.. I appreciate if anyone can name them correctly..Come forward friends, can you say what these fishes names are in your country..

Fish Market Fresh Fishes
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They seems like pairs. Could be fish friends.May have been caught together while having a friendly chit chat. In our local language Malayalam here in Kerala, this fish is named as Paral Meen(paral fish) or something like that. Am not that sure of its name.

Name the fish if you know them.. if you don't like seeing salt water fishes, that too laying dead in fish market, their are some fresh water fish aquariums awaiting you inside my blog.. Just have a look over insid ethe gallery archives for aquarium fishes or something like aquarium photography.The photos taken by Arun and Georjo using SonyEricsson k750i cell phone..

Cu soon friends.. Thank you for visiting me.. Keep coming..hope can serve you better things in coming days..

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