Hydrangea Violet Flowers-Kerala

Violet flower bunches for you. Hydrangea flowers photos from home gardens in Kerala. No photographer can leave such fresh flowers beauty if he is a little interested in picturing out nature and the same happened here.. 

The flower species are natives of south Asian countries and is a seasonal flower.The color varies from white to blue depending on the alkaline nature of soil..I remember some hydrangea plants in my garden..They were precious for me than others for they blooms only a few times in a year, and when they comes it was beauty.Can we call this this type of flowers as collective Flowers, a flower appearing as one formed by a group of flowers.But am sure if its a fruit then we can call it a collective fruit, for example Mulberries.

Hydrangea's Violet Flowers from home Gardens. 

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Fresh violet flowers of hydrangea..A group of small violet flowers arranged together like a bouquet..The bouquet of violet flowers arranged by nature itself. The plants grows like small shrubs and often covers a circular area..

They are cute little dwarf shrubs with flowers coming in bunches seasonally, particularly flowers by autumn of the year..yea to make the autumn season violet in our garden with those violet flower bunches.

Hydrangea flower bunch formed in the shape of a heart. 

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Violet or light purple flower bunch  of hydrangea arranged similar to a small little heart..hmm creativity of nature.. May be showing the love to the gardener in a natural way..The nature's way to communicate i think.. What you feel about it, just a flower formation or something special..  may be coincidental..

You know at the peak of flowering we would be seeing more flowers than the leaves of this plant.A real asset for our home gardens..Saying about the emotional meanings of violet flowers it says about faithfulness, trust worthy etc..Hmm about the emotions related with roses i have another flower gallery.. a gallery of roses

Awaiting your next visit my friends.. with love


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