House Boats@Kumarakom:Backwater Tourism Village of Kerala

Backwaters of Kumarakom, a small group of island villages surrounded by the Vemband lake.Posting some photographs of the serene beauty of this tourist village and backwaters, which are always live with those moving houseboats. A place which is a major mention in all the Tourism broushers, published by the Kerala Tourism Development Corporation (KTDC). Special about this place is the Backwaters itself. An ideal place which is prioritized for Kerala's backwater tourism.
House Boat moving through the Calm Backwaters of Kumarakom Lake. 
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Motorized houseboat in the Vembanad lake. These photographs are snapped during our small picnic boating trip through the lake.It seemed their are no tourist inside, but only the crewmen. But not sure, if they are inside the apartment; the moving boat apartment. Their are up stair sun-decks in most of the houseboats for the sole purpose of sight seeing.
House boats in Kumarakom/Kerala
Awaiting the tourists, a house boat tied aside the lake. There are House boats owned by both private firms and also the KTDC. Some of the Backwater resorts also has their own houseboats which can be hired by the tourists coming into. There are house boats which are fully furnished with all the modern amenities inside, something like the suits of 5 star hotels. There are many backwater tour trips packages available in the place. The rates are moderate and it gives the value for your money.

Atleast you should spend a full day to have a proper tour trip here. The main attraction s the backwater cruises and boating itself watching the green strips of land and palm trees aside. Tour packages for a day includes Kerala's own traditional meals and cuisines.Especially don't miss the varieties of fresh fish delicacies provided by the boat crews.

Kumarakom is about 16 Kms from the district township Kottayam and adequate accommodation facilities are there if you a tourist intending to stay for some days.
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  1. I would Love to do that Lake Cruise!! Exotic!!

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  2. I really believe staying here would be one really wonderful experience! It's been a while that I'm planning to visit Kerala!!

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