Pista green milii flowers, Euphorbia millii plant hybrid names with flower specs

Pista green flowers of Euphorbia millii, commonly known as crown of thorns or Christ plants. Being precise the hybrid variety of these euphorbia varities are named as Eak Wilai. The hybrids of the ornamental plants are mostly from Thai gardeners. The plant is not that common in Europe or the US. 

The hybrids of these water retaining spiny garden shrubs varies in the colour and sizes of the flowers. Petal sizes and shapes along with the nature of the plant stems and leaves differs on each hybrid varities. Some of the cultivars have no spines at all and some have dense sharp spines throughout the fleshy stems with popping out long leaves in between. Usually the spiny garden shrub grows upto heights of a few foots.

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The pista seed coloured Flowers. Light green flower bunch of the euphorbia milliis from gardens of Kerala. Some of the plant hybrids of these euphorbias can produce flower bunches that are densely packed like the hydrangea flowers.
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The natural garden Bouquet of milliis. Light greenish flower bunches from the garden pot plant  Unlike other milliis these ones have a little longer leaves. Seems the flowers are freshly bloomed and not more than a few days old.

Euphorbia milliis plant hybrid names and flower types
  • Sun Cris - purple bordered flower petals with yellow  towards the flower core. The flowers are relatively big in size. 2 petal flowers
  • Money Money - Rose bordered petals with yellow flower center. Bigger flower size. 2 petal flowers.
  • Small Red - Tiny pure red typical euphorbia milliis. The flower appears in small oval shape with red petals. These are one of the common variety found in Kerala. Dense spiny stem. 2 petal flowers
  • Red Cups - Rose coloured curly cup like petal formation in bigger flowers. 2 petal flowers
  • Small Pink - Flowers simillar to the small reds. Petals are pink in colour. Dense Spiny stems. 2 petal flowers
  • Variegate - green dotted decorative leaves. No stem thorns. Not sure about flowers
  • Ponyingai - big twin petal flowers with pink coloured petal with white dots.
  • Nida - Twin petaled rose flowers
  • F1 - Light rose and white colours blended into the petals. Big twin flower petals.
  • Maha Heng -  Light pink flowers with big twin petals.
  • Sub Sompod - Red paper like flower petals. Twin petaled big flowers.
  • Boonsangsom - Shiny rose curly flowers with big twin petals.
  • Maneejintana - Light red flowers with big twin petals.
  • White and Green - White flower petals with green lines. Brown flower core.
  • Tongprasert - Light rose flowers with slight white colour blend on the petals.
  • Purple Hybrid - Purple and white colour blended flower petals.
  • Sinsub - Curly petaled dense purple flower bunches with slight white petal border.
  • Ponchita - light rose and white blended flowers. A little small flowers.
  • Siamdiamond - pinkish white flower petals. Flowers appear as packed bunch.
  • Srisupharat - Bright reddish flower bunches.
  • Doung Itsaree - Rose petals with fluorescent green lines.
  • Subjareansuk - Rose flowers with wide petals.
  • Rungjareansub - Pinkish petals with fluorescent dots.
  • SRR hybrid - reddish towards flower center. 
  • Siam Ruby - Bright pink coloured flowers.
  • White - pure white flowers
  • Sun Bird - mild white flowers with a little pink blend.
  • Numchai - pinkish light brown flowers with green dots
  • Udomthong - Creamy white flowers with brown lines
  • Yadphet - white and rose colour blended flower petals with red core.
  • F2 - pink flowers with red core.
  •  Pon Jareansuk - rosy petals with white bleanding
  • Doung Narumon - white and purple flowers.
  •  Doung De - Rose curly petals
  • Brink - pink and slight white colours on petals
  • Tubtim Wilai - pink flowers with white border on petals
  • Ploy Chompoo - neat rose coloured flowers
  • Rose - Rose flowers
  • Mongkol Diamond - rose, white and green colours blended onto the flower
  • Thidaramun - pink and white petal colour
  • Queen Lucky - light red and white petaled flowers
  • Numchoke - yellow flower petals with red dots
  • Debutant - light rose petals with red petal border lining
  • Eak Wilai - pista green flowers
  • Udomsub - white flowers
    Olden times poisonous sap from some of the varieties are used to smear on arrow head points, and also the plant sap is used to make fishes drissy for easy catch. Sap from some of the plant cultivars can be used in medicines too.

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