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Kerala Monsoons Photos and Videos @ 2018 - Social Media Forwards.

Photos and videos from the 2018 Monsoon season in Kerala. This time, the rains are much stronger and water levels are seen rising considerable in many of the Kerala rivers, and dams, which in turn is resulting in floods. Major cities under water. Transportation changing from 4 wheelers to Boats even through the roads as most main routes are waterlogged. Major Kerala rivers furiously overflowing along its course taking life and property of people. This post is a walkthrough through various monsoon happenings in and around Kerala, the South Indian State of the Asian subcontinent.

Kerala Rivers In Monson Floods -Videos and Photos

Kerala Monsoon Floods,River Periyar Floods Aluva Town and sivaTemple,aluva manapuram flood
Submerged Aluva town and Siva Temple, Aluva Manappuram- River Periyar Overflowing
The famous temple of Aluva got underwater by the overflowing River Periyar. Monsoon Rains throwing havoc all over. Siva Temple got submerged, special prayers are going on here as the belief is like, its a Natural phenomenon on the grace of God, for him to take a sacred Bath.

Monsoon Facts: Monsoons are not basically denoting the Rains, but its all about the change in Direction of Winds. Its huge Sea Breeze changing directions towards warm land from the relatively colder sea surface, and its accompanied by rainfall which obviously is the highlight of this season. The sudden change in winds direction brings the weather change that is resulting in rains. Monsoon is a need in many of the countries as the whole year cultivation is dependant upon it.

Monsoons change its behavior year after year and in times had become furious if you look into the history of Kerala.
Athirapally Waterfalls of Kerala  in the Monsoons
The Niagra of Kerala in Full Fury- Athirapally Waterfalls in the Monsoons

Monsoon:Facts: West african, Asian-Australian, South and North American Monsoons etc are the various monsoons based on regions it affects. Monssons sometimes turns deserts into lush grasslands, in some parts of the world. Monsoon makes and breaks the human life as its needed for the crops, but the floods can destroy everything on its course.
Violent River Current in Monsoon, from Thrissur District of Kerala

Kerala Monsoon Facts: Monsoons often shown a notorious face over Kerala if we are searching into the history. The major one is the Flood of 1924, which is termed as the Great Flood of 99. River Periyar got flooded to a level that it washed off an Entire mountain named Karinthiri. Hill station like Munnar got flooded and the one and only British Built Railway line to Munnar hills, we lost in that flood. It was the first Monorail built in India in 1902, which got converted to Narrow lane in 1908, in turn, destructed by flood in 1924.

Reason For the 1924 Flood in Kerala
There are Myths and facts talked around the cause for this flood which was also called the flood of 99. Many believe it as the failure of the Mullaperiyar dam, which was the only dam in the course of River Periyar. The failure of this dam was suspected as it got washed away a couple of times during the construction period itself. 
Factwise its seen that the rain was so strong and it lasted for couple of weeks which made the water levels so high. Landslides and trees from the forest are suspected to make natural bunds between mountains in the river's course, which burst of at a later point and made situations worse. This flood became history and a nightmare for many who witnessed it. There are old buildings still, which have markings of the water levels of this flood. 

Vehicles hydro locked in Floods - Kerala monsoons

Parked car under water in Kerala Monsoons,hydro locking in Floods
Car Parked at Home Submerged in the Floods

Getting your Vehicles Insured for Hydro Locking- Hydro locking or hydrostatic locking, simply means water in the engine, and the result is Engine seizure. This can happen if you are not a cautious driver, who just drove through a deep pool which is more than what your car can take. Also can happen like in the above picture. The car got submerged in flood water as its parked, there is a chance it will be hydro locked if its cranked before the engine is inspected and cleaned.
RE-RoyalEnfield-Bullet submerged in Flood water
A Royal Enfield Bullet under Flood Water

As floods getting more common across India, its always advised getting your vehicles insured for Hydro locking hazard. Many of the insurance providers give this as an extra addon over normal insurance, even many of the B2B insurance policies won't cover Engine hydro-locking. It can be named as Engine Cover also in your insurance policy, but look for the term hydro-locking.

Hydro Locking of Vehicles in Floods- How to avoid.
  • The very basic principle to get saved - Don't drive into the water if you are not using a hovercraft.
  • If you happen to Drive - The basic principle is not to let the water seep into Engine by keeping your engine revved up above 1500 rpm. Revving only keeps the water entering from your vehicles silencer into the engine. So what is the next point of entry to the engine?
  • Yes, it's your Engine's air intake or the air filter section of the engine. Be aware of the location of your car's air filter or air intake. Stop your vehicle if you see water levels going over safe level, considering the air intake of your car engine.
  • Don't drive beside another vehicle as the waves from its movement can come over your vehicles bonnet and engine will suck the water in as you are revving it.
  • If the engine stops due to any reason, don't crank it again. Remember the damage is happened due to cranking the engine with water in cylinders. Get your car Toed to the service.
  • If you suspect water inside, and you are toeing the car, don't let the pistons move by keeping it in gear, for an automatic. get the engine connected tires lifted up while it's being toed.
  • If you haven't tried starting the car or engine was not running while it got submerged in flood water, the only chance of failure is the electricals and the engine and its components will need only a cleaning.
  • If you have tried cranking the engine or drove through in higher speeds while water was wading into the engine, chances of permanent engine or related components failure is high as internal combustion or diesel engines are made to compress or burn the gasoline, not water. Water in the cylinders, the pistons, cylinder heads or the bores can get permanently damaged.
  • Finally, if you have tried to drive through water or cranked the engine, this becomes the major point for your insurance provider to deny the Hydro Lockin claim.

Jeep getting stalled after wading through the monsoon waters. Can be an electrical failure or Hydro locked.

So is there a car which won't be affected by hydro locking, yes if the car is not using an internal combustion engine. You can vouch on an electric car or bus to safely wade through water, provided the electricals are waterproofed.

Kerala Monsoon Floods - Public Property Losses

New PWD Road taken by the furious Monsoon Streams-Video
Many of the works done by PWD of Kerala went in vain as the monsoon showed its fury like never in near times in this season.

Fishing In Monsoon Floods 

Fishing From Home-Man Fishing from Home in Kuttanad/Kerala

Kuttanadu is prone to flooding as its the land of Kerala's backwaters. Jokes apart like in the video seen above, the people here are often through the hardships of excess waterlogging during the Rains. Its water all around, but becomes hard for them to get even proper drinking water, water-borne diseases apart.

Fishing Video from Banasura Sagar Dam of Wayandu District, in Kerala
River dams of Kerala are known for the huge fish resource. Most of the reservoirs have restrictions for the local people to come out and do generous fishing. The above video is caught while the Banasura, dam of Wayanadu district in Kerala, opened the spillways as water levels were going high in the Monsoon rains. The fishes are huge in sizes and skilled people grab them right from the river, which is indeed an adventurous task.

Huge Chempalli River Fish-Monsoon Flood water Fishing
Most of them are not fishermen by profession or trade, by the way, they are taking this as an adventure sport of the season. ๐Ÿ˜Š
Big River fish carried by Men,Kerala monsoons fishing
The Catch-Monsoon Fishing, Kerala

Towns Submerged in Kerala Monsoon Floods

Monsson floods in kerala, towns under water,monsoon photos,pala flood
Pala Township under Water-2018 Monsoon Floods 

Aluva Bridge,river periyar floods,Aluva neerattu, Aluva floods, kerala monsoon floods
View of Aluva Bridge standing over submerged Town and Siva Temple-Periyar Monsoon Floods
alapuzha changanacherry road high water level, kerala monsoon floods
Water level in Alappuzha Changanacherry road, Ac Road.

Kerala KSRTC Flood Moments๐Ÿ˜„๐ŸšŒ

The Kerala state road transport corporation buses are acting as the saviors in many of the flood-affected areas. Here in Kerala, the transport corporation is seen as a brand standing close to peoples heart. You can see people making the KSRTC buses part of their flood games, and often the videos of bused wading through the flood waters are edited and circulated in social media giving the public transport buses a heroic nature.

Monsoon Events In Kerala

Monsoon season witnesses many events based on water bodies, which are also promoted as part of Kerala Monsoon Tourism. Few of the events will be organized and publicised in comparatively local regions of Kerala, whereas a few are official events organized with the involvements of District and state Tourism Departments.

Mudrace @ Malappuram

Fortuner in Mudrace, automobile events in kerala, monsoon events, monsoon tourism
Toyota Fortuner in Mudrace organized in Malappuram District

Kayaking Championship - Malabar River Festival - MRF18

Teaser video of Malabar River fest, which has got inaugurated today. Monsoon time many tourism events are conducted in and around Kerala, many of them will be related to water bodies. Malabar river fest is all about a Kayaking championship which is having international participation from around 20 countries.

More on Malabar river fest is coming up, keep visiting. By the way, always welcome to share the posts here into your social media streams. This thread also will be getting updated with more monsoon photos from Kerala.

Disclaimer: The photos and videos of Monsoon happenings and events, posted here are sourced from Social media. Pixelshots doesn't have the sole ownership. Any disputes you may mail me to or drop me a comment here.
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