Flower Photography-Red &Yellow Flowers Kerala

Flowers from home garden plants in Kerala.Just some photographs of flowers taken with cell phones..Used sonyericsson w810i mobile phone cameras to take the photos..Photos snapped from a friends home garden in morning sunlight..Some pictures of commonly found garden plant flowers from kerala state of India..

bright cute yellow flower photograph from home garden plants,photo of the flower in closeup camera mode ie in macro lens shoot mode,cute yellow flower photograph from india kerala 
The bright yellow flower from the garden..What to say!! Simple, bright, cute and small smiling flower.. Seems she waiting eagerly for meeting someone dearer!.

red flowers bunch photographed from home garden plants in kerala India,photography of flowers in closeup shoot mode,closeup photos of red flowers from kerala gardens

Ohh they are  red hot.A bunch of bright red flowers from the garden plant..They are lethal in red while standing together..These flowers are bloomed at the tip of a steam grown up from between the plant leaves and blooms together in bunches..Bunches of bright fuming red flowers..
Photos taken by georjo

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Sunset and children playing in beach-calicut kerala

Children playing in the beach in sunset..Photographed from calicut beach in kerala India..

beach sunset photograph from calicut beach in kerala india,children playing in the beach during sunset a photograph taken with cell phone camera of 2 megapixel in landscape scenery shoot mode
Beach Sunset and child's play from calicut district kerala

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Sunset in beach Kerala-Sunsets Photography-Pixelshots kerala photos

Setting sun photographed from beach in calicut kerala India..

sunset scenery photography from beaches in kerala,calicut beach sunset scenery,sunsets,kerala sunsets,sunset in horizon
Beach sunset from India kerala

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Beach sunset & camel ride- Calicut beach kerala

Beach evenings and sunset in the horizon.. Some photographs from the beaches in kerala India, during sunsets..Man riding a camel through the beach sand, photographed from calicut beach in kerala India.There may be sometimes horses to give a ride for a little money meant for the tourists..The sea seems a little calm today.. She not making big waves..

beach sunset photographs and man riding camel through beach in sunsets,camel,sunset,beach sunset,kerala beaches,scenic beach sunsets,beaches
 Camel ride through the beach during sunset
photography by sreerag

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Beach sunset from calicut Kerala

The beach sand just reflecting the setting sun like a glass..The waves just keeping the shore washed and the sun setting in the horizon..There is a belief that if you write something against the sea goddess on the beach sand and she will erase it in the very next wave..You just try that when you going to the beach next time..

sunsets from beaches in kerala,beach sunset photography from calicut beach in kerala india,kerala beaches photos,beach sunsets,india kerala,calicut beach
Sunset photographs from calicut beach of Kerala India..
Photography by Sreerag

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Beach sunset calicut beach kerala

Sunsets in beaches photographed.. Some sunset photos from beach in calicut district of kerala state India...Beaches are a major attraction in the tourism map of kerala, the southern part of India...The sun is much brighter and it seems the sky much free from particles today, the sunset is not that colourful huh..

beach sunset photography from india kerala,one of the main attractions of kerala tourism the beaches in kerala,kerala tourism,calicut beach,sunset
Beach Sunsets Photographed by Sreerag AS using SonyEricsson w810

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Fruit Photos Kerala India - Mangoes,Papaya,cashew nuts,brinjal

Some photographs of  fruits and veggies from kerala, the God's own country..Kerala the land which lies like a green strip along the south western part of India is blessed in natural vegetation and all kinds of landscapes from beaches to vast mountain ranges of the western ghats along with pleasant climatic conditions without much drastic changes in changing seasons..

Much of the vegetations and fruits are foreigners those who came at the times of colonization and invasions from the Portuguese, Dutch and the Britishers.. But the land have its own great wealth of valuable and rare herbs which are now going to the verge of extinction..I will try to get a collection of them for you sometime..Now lets taste some fruits....Hmm mind to wash your hands before food, Its H1N1 season all around..

cashew nut fruits and cashew nuts photographed from kerala cashew cultivations,cashew nuts and cashew apples photographed with facts and figures on cashew nut cultivation and industry in kerala,closeup photographs of fruits, parangendy, kashuvandy, parangypazham, cashew apples,cashew nut in trees, kashumavu, uses of cashew nuts and cashew apples 
 Ripe Cashew Apples and cashew nuts..
Photographed from somewhere in Kannur Distict of Kerala..
Cashew nuts are used in various cuisines and often as snacks after frying and salting them, sometimes wrapped in chocolates. but not so common in chocolates for they are expensive, even some quality manufacturers of candies have products with cashews in.

You know the plant has medicinal values too for the seeds are powdered and used in anti venom for snakes and the nut oil is used as anti fungal and sometimes to treat cracked foots.In Brazil cashew fruit juice is much popular and in Malaysia the young leaf used in salads..   In goa a type of alcohol by fermenting the cashew apples is much famous, liquor named feny..In Tansania the liquor made of cashew nut apples are termed as Gongo and much stronger too..
In kerala there is much business going on Exporting of the Cashew nuts. Kollam district also known as the gateway to backwaters of kerala, acts as a hub in this industry..

papaya fruits photographed from street side papaya seller in kerala,kappakka, kappayka, pappaya friut medicinal uses, slice ripe pappaya fruits, street fruit merchants, skin peeled ripe red pappaya fruits, photograph of fruits from fruit sellers in kerala,fruits photography
 Papaya, Papaya everywhere..A view from the street side fruit seller!!.
Taste of  food have much influence on their looks too..Hmm ..Studied somewhere before.. I think it has got the looks already..
The thing is not so simple as it looks if you consider its medicinal value.. The juice and latex of papaya is rich in enzymes that can break down proteins faster and help us digestion.. In some countries tinned meat is mixed with mixed papaya powder to help digestion. It also have healing effects and is used in cases of cuts, rashes, burns etc..The small seeds of papaya are edible and replaces pepper in some parts of Asia.. Papaya's unripe fruits are used in many dishes like salads,stews,curries etc..The fruits proven to be effective against liver cancer cells in experiments done in laboratories..

photographs of mangoes sliced in designs from street side fruits sellers in kerala india,sliced fruits in streets, street fruit merchants, fruits sold in pulling carts, unthu vandy pazha kachavadam, kerala mangoes, mango fruit uses and medicinal value, closeup fruits photography
 Mangoes cut in slices..A photograph from the street fruit Seller.

A fruit which is part of numerous cusines, used as flavors, used to eat alone in ripe and even raw condition with salt and pepper.. HMmm... No body will be there without tasting a mango yet.. Its used all over the world, in ice cream flavors, ketchup, fruit salads,milk shakes. Their are variety of mangoes which tastes different from variety to variety..

In India mango is cultivated from 1000s of years back..Their are still trees giving fruits which are older than 300 years..The antioxidant and nutrient content of this fruit is much much bigger and i will be writing on and on if i start on it. Mangoes are often termed as super fruits. A fruit which has proven nutrient and medicinal values along with outstanding deliciously and likeness of the customer is termed as super fruits by the sellers.. Mango is one among few of them..

brinjal or egg fruit photographed from home vegetable gardens in kerala india,closeup fruit photography with cell phone cameras, vazhutananga, vazhuthana, not bt vazhuthana, natural brinjal, indian fruit in BT dispute

Brinjal, also termed as egg plant fruit. A native fruit of India.
In Kerala the vegetable fruit is termed as 'Vazhuthana'

A much used veggie in our diet.. An edible and must have content of diets in India..A plant which grows in tropical and subtropical climates.Studies found out that the fruits are much effective to treat blood cholesterol...Some studies shows no effects too..Another funny fact is smokers can eat this, as a substitute to cigarettes..But you have to eat 9 kilos of brinjal to get the nicotine content from a single cigarette..No food can make the effect of direct smoking or passive smoking..

Photography done by Arun and Georjo with SonyEricsson cellphone Cameras
Cu soon friends..Thanx for your visit
With love 

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IIM Calicut Kerala India- Fifth IIM campus in India

Indian Institute of Management calicut Kerala,(IIMK), established in 1996 by the governments of India and Kerala and is the 5th among the IIMs in India..The institution provides training. consulting, research and education programmes in the field of business management.. The students are often nourished with various seminars and talks from people who have succeeded in business in real world scenarios..

The institute started its maiden batch by the year 1997, a batch of 47 students in the National Institute of Technology campus (NIT), Calicut, Chathamangalam.. Later in 2000 the present site of the campus atop the hill nearer to calicut town was spotted, and started the construction of campus, compleated in 2003 and the temporary campus at NIT got shifted to the hills...Now this campus is renowned as God's own Campus after our former president Dr A.P.J Abdul Kalam addressed it so ,in the inaugural function conducted in the presence of Sri A.K Antony Chief Minister of Kerala that time..

iim calicut campus photographs,photos from inside th indian institute of management studies in kerala kozhikode,photos of iimk campus
Looks More To a Resort Than a Campus..
View of the campus from inside IIM calicut..Its the small lawn and garden surrounded by the institute buildings..

iim calicut campus,lawn inside the management institute of india kerala
The garden Lawn from IIM calicut..

All the points, the classes, seminar halls, canteeents etc are connected by beautiful corridors and bet you will enjoy walking through with the view of gardens in one side and the vast mountain valley in the other side..Already told you na, its built atop a hill..I really love to watch the sunsets and sunrises from such an area, but we had to return buddy.. the photos are taken when we went there for meeting someone...

calicut iim main building photograph,photo of indias 5th iim and only iim in kerala

The Entrance point into the Temple of Management studies..
This where you reach after driving up through the curvy hill roads.. The major entrance of the IIMK..

iim kozhikode kerala,photograph of the iim main building through the gardens

IIMk view through the gardens..
The buildings are having a peculiar architecture design,, raised and holded up in pillars, and the roofs all folded up nicely

garden view from the first floor of iim calicut india

View of the Campus lawn and pathways from upstairs..We were just walking around.. And it was the first campus i saw without any students anywhere.. We checked out some classes to.. hmm no traces..May be a vacation or internship time..

Eventhough the main course offered here is the masters on business administration(MBA) a much more post graduaton and research studies are going along with.Like Master of Management (MM), Master of International Business (MIB),Master of Finance(MFin), PhD in Management etc..Named just a few.. not compleate..You may visit IIMK official site here..

Photographed using Sony Ericsson.K810 3MP cellphone camera by Georjo.
Cu back here soon friends..Thanx for coming
meet u soon with new photographs from my land Kerala..

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Kerala River Dam Irrigation Projects- Mangalam dam Palakkad

Photographs and information of minor hydro irrigation projects in kerala the south Indian state..The following are the photographs of a small irrigation river project river dam site from palakkad district of kerala state named as Mangalam.This hydro irrigation project is built across Cherukunnapuzha which is a tributary of Mangalam river and which inturn a tributary of the famous Kerala's river Bharathapuzha..

This dam is built for the irrigation purpose of Alathur taluk in Palakkad district of kerala...The dam project consists of the spillway and a network of  canal syatem to irrigate 3639 hectres of land in the district of palakkad..

mangalam river dam irrigation project photograph from palakkad district of kerala india,photograph of the river dam spillway 
Mangalam Dam Palakkad,  Kerala
The dam's spillway photographed fro the site.. Its view of the dam site in summer season, scarce in water.

river bank and river valley photograph from the mangalam dam reservoir site in palakkad kerala
 The river valley photographed from the mangalam dam site...You can see the clouds crashing on the mountain tops far away..The scenery of the dam's catchment area during summer..

poothundy dam reservoir aerial view photograph taken from palakkad kerala india,photograph of the river hydro dam and its catchment area taken from the mountain pass beside the dam
 A shot of the Pothundy dam from the Hills
Photograph of the Pothundy dam reservoir..You know, instead of using concrete core for the dam this dam is built by using an unusual mixture of jaggery and quick lime.. The concrete used in olden times in kerala..You can see many palaces and dams built of this lime and jaggery mixture in Kerala. They are standing still..The famous Mullaperiyar dam which is in much controversy now is built in this mixture of materials.. Its said that a mixture of jaggery lime and also egg yolk..

 The calm and cool waters...
Breeding of fresh water fishes may be considered in this type of places, you may know about the neyyar dam in trivandrum district of kerala. Instead of fish it had crocodiles in it. a big croc world trying to taste the animals and humans coming to the reservoir for water and fishing.. I think now all the crocodiles are rehabilitated from the dam and no casualties are reported since then.

mangalam dam spillway photograph
 Mangalam dam from palakkad district

This dam construction started by october 1953.The dam and left bank canal was compleated and opened by september 1956...further extension with right bank canal was continued and compleated by 1966..Total expenditure till 1995-96 is about 197 lakhs..

The place is an item to be ordered in the menu of  kerala tourism...Tourists visiting palakkad district will surely happen to visit Mangalam and pothundy dams..Places like Nelliampathy, Nenmara etc are nearly to these dam sites (lesser than 40kms) which are much renown for the scenic natural landscapes and forests in Kerala..

Photography by Anoop Aravind (CWRDM, calicut, Kerala)
Materials collected and provided by Sreerag AS (CWRDM, calicut, Kerala)

Meet you in no time.. visit back.. will be waiting with something new for you..

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Kerala hydro irrigation river Dams..Pothundi irrigation Project Palakkad

Some photographs from the sites of small hydro irrigation dam projects in Kerala.The photos following are of the Pothundi irrigation project in palakkad district of kerala the southern state of India...The dam is built on the tributaries of Ayalur river  named Meenchadi puzha and Padipuzha at a length of 100 meters..
The irrigation project consists of the river reservoir and two main canals starting form the hydro project and their distributaries which irrigates upto 5466 hectres of land area in Chittur and Alathur taluks of palakkad district in Kerala..Let us have a walk around the dam and the river valley and a little boating through the dam reservoir.. Comeon take my hand...... 
hydro projects for irrigation purpose in kerala india,river dam pothundi from palakkad ditrict of kerala india
 The View of Pothundi dam's catchment area during summer time..

The dam is built just some distance below the two tributaries i mentioned above combines and flows together..Watch the mountain ranges getting covered by the clouds, and the sunlight making the clouds glow soo bright there over the mountains..

The major dams in kerala are having presence of huge mountains nearby..You may know that these huge ones can stop the clouds and make them rain in the dam catchment area which gives some add on to the water level..The famous hydro electric project in Idukki district of kerala is built between two big mountain rocks..Hope i may get the photos from there sooner for you..

river dam reservoir photograph from small irrigation dam hydro dam project in kerala,dam named poothundi in palakkad district of indian state kerala

The Panoramic landscape scenery of the river valley and the catchment area along with the mountain....Hmm watchout the hill there, standing like a parent to the river.. May be thinking ,who blocked my little baby girl from running down!!The dam sems a little scarce in water..Maybe due to  summer!!!..
photography during boating in the dam reservoir,closeup photo of the river water in dam from boat

Boating in the river dam reservoir..The river water seems mountain fresh..You know rivers flowing through forests and mountains in their course are regarded having medicinal effects in their water for they flows through the medicinal herbs and plants inside the forests..I heard this when we had a tour trip to the Hogenekkal water falls in tamilnadu where the wild river water current of Kauvery is considered having curing effects..

scenic landscape view from the spillway of the hydro irrigation project in kerala,clouds covered mountains photographed from the dam

The calm quiet and peaceful family..The clouds,mountain and the river!!!
Just a snap of the mountains and the reservoir from the river bank.. Seems its gonna rain soon....

small irrigation projects in kerala state,poothundi dam and spill way photograph

The pothundi dam Spillway section.. Clouds over the mountains acting as a shade for the mountains from sun..

scenic view of the river dam from kerala india,small river irrigation project in palakkad district of kerala state poothundi

Watchout... Like somebody poured the mountains with clouds.. Feels like the clouds goin to swallow the mountain peaks or are they having a deep kiss..Hope its not valentines today!!!!!!!!!.....
This dam project was started in 1958, partially commissioned in 1968 and compleated in 1971..About 96% of the activities have been compleated and the total expenditure incurred upto the end of 1995-96 is about 382 lakhs..

The photography done by Mr Anoop Aravind, an employee of Centre for Water Resources Development and Managment (CWRDM) Calicut Kerala..He took the photos at the time of a visit to the Dam site as part of his job..Photos provided by Sreerag AS  ma friend and also an employee of  CWRDM Kerala.. Thanx for the support friends.. With love......

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Named Temple Elephants of Kerala/India:Elephant Facts and photos

Back again with the final posting of photographs on the domestic elephants of kerala, a south Indian state.Photography of these big but cute creatures are done from temple premises of kerala during times of celebrations with the temples called as 'poorams' in Malayalam the regional language of kerala...

Don't know since when we were in friendship with these intelligent creatures.So many amazing facts are there about these animals,some may seem much amazing to you.Elephants are termed as much intelligent and emotional creatures in the animal world, some facts says indeed they are intelligent..The photographs of elephants are taken by one of ma friend from Thrissur,the land of temples and celebrations in Kerala,also the cultural capital of Kerala.

You know,there were about 7species of elephants including the mamoths and now there remains only three,and they are also endangered now for the lovely humans love their tusks than their life...In case of tusks now the African elephants are keeping the record..Reported largest tusk had a length of 3.3metres and with a weight of 104 kgs.Among the African elephants tusks grows to an average of 2.5 meters and the females ones too have tusks of smaller sizes, unlike the Asian elephants.Asian elephant are smaller in size and tusks cant be seen more than 2.3 meters...Wanna know about the mammoths, hmm no one is supposed to break their record in tusk size,5 meters long tusks...

Temple Tusker Elephant - Pet Named Perumbavoor Kannan

 The royal majestic Creature, ever a man had made friendship with...Seems he is having a nice time eating those palm leaves.Domestic trained elephant of kerala named Perumbavoor Kannan

You guys know what, these creatures are the only ones among the animals who can't jump.No wonder,how could they do that with that mountain like body, but you may be amazed to know that they can walk normally at speeds of about 25 kmph and when runs they nears speed to 40 k mph,pretty faster than a human athlete.And another thing is, elephants are having a sponge cushioning under their legs which helps them walk much silent..

About water!! ohhh pretty much needed ..about 80 litres of water goes in smooth daily, and food about 150 to 180 kgs in summer season and it can increase upto 270 kgs in rainy seasons...More to food, they want water as any other living thing and can't survive without water for longer than 24 hrs..That's why elephants always stay nearer to the swamps and rivers...

You know they are pretty nice swimmers and likes to drown full body if the water is deep enough..After the bath they sprinkles the soil over the skin to get rid of insect bites...And in summer seasons when rivers dries up, these ones are found to dig the sands in bank of rivers to get water.Supporting the saying, Elephants are Intelligent........

Decorated Temple Elephant of Kerala - Named Tayamkavu Manikandan

kerala temple elephant,domestic-elephant,elephants-kerala,elephant named tayamkavu manikandan
Domestic Temple Elephant of Kerala named Tayamkav Manikandan.

The asian elephants may be smaller, but have to admit they are cuter than the African ones..Do you know these are much emotional animals.Elephants plays each other,celebrates when a member returns to their heard after long time.

When a calf of the heard shows discomfort every member of the heard comes near the little one and caresses and comforts the baby elephant,and its is seen that between members in an elephant heard a deep relationship exists and elephants are seen mourning when they loses a member from the heard..

Its found that elephants communicates each other using some infrasonic sound vibrations..The solution to, why elephant hears even separated by miles, and moves in a coordinated way together through the forests..You know what,  these guys can smell water from a distance of 3 miles...

Tusker Elephant of Kerala Named Nandhan

elephants photography from kerala,elephant of kerala named nandhan,kerala-temple-elephants
Kerala's Domestic Elephant named Nandhan

The trunks of an Elephant is the upper lip grown longer and its much heavy for its built of thousands of muscles.The elephants trunk tip is much sensitive and precise and its said that they can even pick a coin from the ground with the trunk tip, not just precise,much stronger too, enough to drag off things upto 2 tonnes and can throw a man longer than 35 meters away.Hmm so never ever go near him and try to call him fat boy with long nose.!!!!!

You may have seen human infants suking their thumbs, why not elephant infants then??? Ofcourse they sucks!!! their trunk tips instead of thumbs. They even show an affection and greets each other with their trunks, you may have seen elephants standing with trunks twisted together, obviously a way of shaking hands...

Elephant Tusker in Temple Festival decorated with Nettipattom

kerala-elephant-names,asian elephants in india kerala domesticated in temples of kerala for temple celebrations,elephant named kutti shankaran just before celebrations of pooram, the temple festival
Kerala Elephant Tusker named Kutti Shankaran.
Decorated with the ornaments for celebrations.Elephants usually gives birth to single babies but 1 percent chance is said for getting twins..Elephants usually have a life time of 70 years and some times more...

Elephants are much social creatures and the children in the society are trained by the elders in the elephant hears to make them responsible and well natured. Its proven for some elephants grown as orphans in some parks in Africa turned out to be much dangerous and naughty!,  by killing  peoples (including a veteran hunter), many white rhinos and even tried to mate on a rhino.  oops!

Elephant Chained in Temple Premises - Named Kutty Shankaran

Domestic temple elephant of kerala. Kutti Shankaran

Its found out that elephants can be trained to obey upto 60 commands..Elephants the national animal of Thailand is among those with lower pulse rates, ie only 27 pulses. Some interesting facts are their like an elephant lead the way to figure out the first oil pool in Asia.

A British officer working for the railways in India that time noticed some oil traces on the elephant legs and by tracing the footprints of elephant he found the first oil pool that inturn turned to the oil field in Asia by 1889..

Elephants are now endangered ones.As i said earlier above, just 3 more species remaining and we have to protect them from poaching and other illegal activities.. In kerala itself many elephant sanctuaries and caring places are there. I think i have provided the details on them in previous postings on trained elephants of kerala. just go through the archives..

With ma full heart expressing ma gratitude to ma friend sreerag for getting me this photos and his friend whose photography with cell phone and digital cameras gave us these photographs to share to the world here.. Hope kerala's Elephants are exposed more to the world now.

See you back here soon..will be back in a moment with something more amazing from my land. Kerala. with love.

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Nature closeups- Bird's nest, Dew soaked green grass, green ferns, dew drops in spider web, water goblet in grass leaves etc

Some closeups of Mother Nature in and around us..Some moments viewed by only those who have a quest to watch the interesting and tiny world around us closer, which are always passing unseen.

The curiosity of a photographer diggs out the beauty of the unnoticed and unseen for us, which is sometimes more scenic and fresh than the bigger polluted,noisy,messed up human world...Maybe tiny world for us but bigger and vast for little creatures like ants, spiders etc, and for them, we are the monsters who steps and runs vehicles over them.. poor fellows..

Just think of an ant climbing up to this grass leaf tip to just have a glance of the world around him or just to watch the rain clouds to know if its gonna rain....Suddenly a human comes with a grass cutter and cuts off the grass tips and the ant got flying off for sometime and when he fells in the ground the man steps over him....

The poor ant who was at the top of the grass tip is now at the root tip of the grass plant..I don't think ants have got any ambulance or 24 hour working emergency services in their hospitals..What next??? Hope may be discovered as a fossil by the future generations..... Guess who's the cruel one, silent tiny creatures or speaking, thinking,laughing,two legged ones....

closeup photograph of morning fresh green grass leafs soaked in mist,nature photographymorning fresh... The grass leafs covered in morning dew drops

Green grass leafs which are decorated with the morning mist.. the water droplets blended on to the leafs spiky hairs..A closeup photo shoot using a mobile phone camera,during a morning walk.. Hmm morning walk.. absolutely its not me,i would rather prefer an evening walk, mornings sooo tired of sleeping na..it was taken by ma friend..

green fern photograph from nature,texture like photoGreen texture like design by fern, in the wall

Watch close you can see small trees sprung up in the lush green forest.. Hmm forest for a small ant....Photographed with mobile phone camera in macro or closeup mode..

bird nest picture,nest made of dry sticksHeloooooo,.. ding dong.. anybody home????.....

Hmmm seems the lovely home is abandoned..Or are they in a world tour..Atleast should have minded to close the door..

The bird's nest abandoned in the surroundings of ma friends home..From a distance its difficult to figure out there is a nest na?.. yea the natural camouflage for nature's dearest ones...It looks like the baby bird got elder enough and they abandoned the nest..

web of spider soaked in dew drops,early morning nature photosUffff.. what happend to this spider bro???, he started collecting water with his web!!!Hmm may be lookin on to the summer coming...Or is it must for him to have fresh water to drink with the breakfast??!!

The spider web soaked in the morning dew drops, an early morning photograph in macro lens mode of the mobile phone camera.

morning dew droplet in a green grass leaf,pictured in early morningA glass droplet like dew drop in the morning!!!!

I was around when ma friend was trying to capture this photograph, remember has got some problems with focusing on to the dew droplet with the cell phone camera..It was like the cam did liked the green leaf than the dew drop....Hmm he came out with a decent picture finally...

The photographs are taken by Arun EP, using sonyericsson k750i cell phone camera..Hope more for you soon ma beloved friends.. Come back here by tea time..May be something new for you to have with the snacks and tea...Cu soon..

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sunset horizon photograph-Red Cloudy sky after the Sunset, photos from Cochin-Kerala-India

Sunset photographs from India Kerala Cochin; to be more specific Marine Drive from Ernakulam-the port town of Kerala.. Giving you some snaps of the golden horizon with clouds scattered all over, which made the calm and quiet evening much beautiful..

You know what, the sunset sceneries are more beautiful than the sunrise ones, for the intensity of colours in the sky is depending directly on the presence on dust particles or aerosols which is more by evening than in the early morning..volcanic eruptions dust winds etc could make the sunset so vibrant for they contribute enormous dust and ash particles into the atmosphere...If their happens some fireworks or volcanic eruptions in the night and sun comes through the dust in the morning, obviously the sunrise will be also awesome.

Hmm i have to say the pictures more precisely are not of the sunset, but the afterglow in the sky after the sun has just went down.. Watch out the clumsy chubby flying pieces of clouds, the situation seemed it was going to rain heavily and we were enjoying the small drizzling of water as if the clouds warning that we gona pour heavily on you, go to your home...

Hmm going home!! no way dude, rather we stayed and enjoyed the bursting of colours in the canvas of nature over there on the the horizon..Did it rained?? I will tell you later..

Sunset Afterglow in the Cloudy Horizon. Photographed from Cochin-Kerala

sunset photograph taken from marine drive India cochin,tropical sunset pictures,sunset picture from kerala,one of the beautiful sunsets from ernakulam photographed from marine driveThe Afterglow..Colours After the Sunset

Hmm God just switch off the light over our country..Seems like a sodium vapor lamp which goes off slowly..Usually he switches it back on by tomorrow morning 6am.. Hmm in my life, me hardly sees that.. The morning 6's...

Distant view of Cochin Shipyard from Marine Drive during Sunset

Photographs of sunset from cochin kerala,cochin sunsets photographed on a cloudy evening,heavy clouds in the horizonFeels as if the sunset sprinkled its colour in the sea water.

The place you sees at the proximity is Willingdon Island.The heart of Cochin Port.. You know, its a man made island created with the materials came out while dredging for the port of Cochin.. Cochin Port Trust, Navy head quarters, so many commercial and industrial offices all working there in the island and also ships are docked along the island...

The Volvo Ocean Race of 2008 had a stop over here in Cochin and the Race Village was setup along this Island ..

You can see a number of postings here in the archives where you will come across the race village photos, race Yachts, volvo pavillion showing their latest cars SUVs, buses, trailers, escavators, hybrid engines, electric cars bla bla bla...

Heavy Monsoon Rain Clouds in the horizon During Sunset

clouds in sunset photograph,heavy rain clouds covering the sky after sunset,after sunset sky,orange coloured sky and clouds Watchout the clouds. They seemed much heavy and were appearing as if they gona fall into the water..If i had a pole i would have pricked her!! If you go to the hill stations and mountain ranges here in Kerala you will see these clouds below you..Its nice to watch them below in the valleys as your car wind up the road to the top of hill.. Much similar shots are already in here, in the Munnar hill station Galleries. Assured fun and beauty is there in those trips.

Rain clouds in the evening sky, Photograph from Cochin-Kerala

Kerala sunset sceneries,beautiful tropical sunsets,kerala sunset photo,sunset picture fom cochin keralaSunset Afterglows...Fume like clouds

I suspect the sun have just smoked and left the flames and fumes..Hmm lets guess., cigars, filter cigarettes or hookah. Me voting hookah!. lols he's soo old guy.. Only uses the older things...After all, if that was a filter cigarette where is the filter, and Cigars so expensive huh...God won't give him that money....He always carries that Hukka thing with him!. But habit is to smoke gently in the mornings, and heavily in the evenings...Noon is clear, hope God may be there with him always in the lunch time, no pranks infront of Almighty!

Heavy rain clouds over the sea

afterglow sunset horizon from kerala cochin,tropical sunset photographs,south indian sunsets,sky after sunset,beautiful evening sky with small cloudsSunset... giving farewell for one more Day..

Photographs of the sunset horizon and clouds taken using SonyEricsson w810i (2mp) camera phone by Georjo...Their are more photos in previous postings of some sunset and also a cloud gallery.. I think the horizon during the sunset in previous one is more vibrant than this one.. Two facts, digital camera is used there, and also you may watch a little variety of colours in the afterglow of sunset.....Hope you may have a jump there too.

Hey wait...hm i forgot something to say... oh .. yea.. It haven't RAINED..........

Hey friend. Much love and regards for having some time to spend here..hope we can meet again soon..

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Kerala Elephants Photos,Trained Elephants of Kerala State with Elephant Names

Elephants, being a part of Kerala's culture, you can find many of the trained domesticated elephants all over kerala, mainly attached to Temples here.. I have already given you information about the elephant sanctuaries and elephant training places in kerala in the previous postings on elephants.

Here is the continuation of previous elephant pictures with elephant names, and is not yet complete. If you are planing your holidays to kerala, the elephants sanctuaries and training places are advisable to visit. most tours and travels operators are aware of those places..To see the elephants in full glory ornamented with nettipattoms, venchamaroms and alavattoms you have to be part of any Poorams (celebrations in Kerala temples), of which the world famous one is the Thrissur Pooram..

lets continue the photos of Domestic elephants in Kerala with their pet names.Hmm obviously the biggest pet that man may ever had with him. Hope he won't put a blue whale in his home aquarium that easy in future.

kerala-elephant-sreenivasan,elephants,kerala-elephant-photos,elephant-names,domestic elephant,temple-elephantElephant of Kerala named SREENIVASAN...
Seems he is on his way to Temple for the Religious Celebration of Pooram.

Elephants,kerala-elephant,elephant-SIVARAJU,temple-elephantElephant named SIVARAJU..
Confused who among them???.. The one who is looking into the camera..
Watchout his Tusks.. Hmm like sharp forks.. God gave them two forks inbuilt..

kerala domestic elephants,sankaranarayanan,elephant-of-kerala,big-elephant,elephant-photoElephant of kerala Named as SHANKARANARAYANAN

Hmm you can see the vehicle is hand braked by the mahout. confused.. you may have seen that long pole leaned to his body.. The elephants are trained to stand still if a pole is kept like that on him.. I think i have mentioned this in previous posts..Oh he too got big sharp tusks..

trained asian elephant,vishnusankar kerala,kerla elephant,vishnu elephant,indian elephant photoElephant named as Vishnushankar

Photo taken before some Pooram...The ornament on the forehead of the elephant is Nettipattom and the one holded over head by the man behind represents the devoted God of the Temple..

Elephant Ganapathy or Ganesh from Kerala,elephant-photo,elephants,kerala-elephantsElephant named Ganapathy, named right after the Hindu God Ganesh..
Elephants are usually regarded as symbols of the Lord Ganesh in Hinduism....

Hmm he is having his food..Palm leaves..Elephant food comprises of palm leaves and coconut leaves mostly here in kerala..You know these are hygienic animals which removes the dust in leaves by beating them before putting in mouth..

Tourism in Kerala got contributed much by these ones , the Elephants.. tourists comes here mearly to witness big Temple celebrations and rituals done with Elephants..From the wild life elephants seems the most useful animal trained and domesticated by man yet..Tourists coming here can get safari over elephants from the elephant sanctuaries...

Hope to meet you soon with some more excitement. Thanx for being with pixelshots. More elephants galleries added previously and some tourist attractions from Kerala are classified with links just below.. You can click on..Wish to meet you soon here again..

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Fish Aquarium Photos and facts.Golden Fish,Orandas,Blackmoors & Silver Sharks

Another thread on aquarium photography. This time i got the snaps from an aquarium supplies shop in the Indian port town of Cochin in Kerala.The photographs of these aquarium pet fishes are taken from a 2megepixel sonyericsson cellphone camera and shouldn't count for clarity in such an uneven lit condition.Giving you some photos and information on fresh water aquarium fish species like Goldfish and care in maintaining aquarium fish tanks and aquarium fishes.

You know, keeping aquariums is the second biggest hobby in the US, where the first position got stolen by stamp collection.Most popular aquarium fishes are the Goldfish ones, the one originated from china.Other aquarium fish species includes guppy, black molly, angelfish, gourami etc.You can find a few of these in the previous postings on aquarium photography...

You like to get one aquarium for home. Yea, it is nice thinking, but will be nicer to know some information on aquarium fishes and maintaining aquariums before you are in the aquarium supplies shop. Mainly you should go through things like the size and type of aquarium fishes you gonna buy, size of the aquarium you going to keep the fishes, fish feeding, plants to be maintained in the aquarium, changing water, keeping the temperature in the fish tank favourable etc.

A type of Big Golden Fish-Photo from an Aquarium Supplier Shop

big-gold-fish-closeup-from-aquarium-fish-tank,golden carps in aquarium fish tank,fishes photographed from an aquarium supplier in cochin I think she is Wondering of something. May be on the people just standing outside the aquarium and staring on her. 
Or she may be watching the big crowd fight on the neighboring fish tank by a group of gold fish and black moor rebels. Hm you can see that in the following photo. Hey, she have got a black mark on the upper fin, like a hoisted flag on the top. seems like a fish Pirate!

Photos from an aquarium supplies shop in Cochin.Seems like a type of gold fish, i couldn't find her right name anywhere around the fish tank.. If you know the right species specs just comment on below the post.This one was kept alone in that tank, what may be the reason??, is she much aggressive, not feeling so from the look..Like she is  kept alone for she is bigger in size..

Gold Fish Closeup- From Fresh Water Aquariums
aquarium-fishes-photography,Big-golden-fish-in-aquarium,orange carp fish Oh seems she got stunned with the Fight going on in the other aquarium...Hope she may have prayed for them, the fighters. 
Don't know why, but she is having the facial expression like that always.Opened mouth and bulged eyes..Watch the fins, like fire flames.
Care in Selecting Aquarium Fishes:-
Some aquarium fishes are much aggressive to be kept with other peaceful ones, some are easily sociable while some others are territorial. Selecting the right group with an amicable social nature is important while selecting your group of aquarium fishes.After selecting the class you have to consider the size and shape of the aquarium tank depending on the number and size of your aquarium fish group..

Red White Orandas-A type 0f Gold Fish
orandas,red white orandas in aquarium shop glass aquarium,oranda fish group,aquarium-fish-tankSome staring to ma cell camera with right eye, some with left eye, some busy with eating food, some standing still at the bottom of the tank and staring me with both eyes.

From the bottom of a Fish tank with red and white Orandas, a group of Goldfish species, also termed as fancy fan tails.....While selecting the aquarium fish tank the smaller one needs more care. ie if you are going for a fish bowl you have to take much care on it..

Its found out that the goldfish ones are inappropriate for fish bowls for they grow faster in size..The suitable fishes for a fish bowl includes Betta fishes, ghost shrimps, golden mystery snails etc, all kept in limited numbers.We people already have a bad experience of getting a goldfish dead by keeping a pair of them in a Bowl aquarium.

Aquarium Mutiny- Gold Fishes and Black Moors
golden-fishes-and-black-moors-fighting,fish fight,fighting fishes in aquarium,fast moving aquarium fishes,group of gold fishes and black moors Here comes the rebel fighters in the aquarium!
A group of fan tailed gold fishes and black moors.Some mouths opened wide, some black ones trying to climb over the golden ones,Some trying to jump over others.Oh is that a riot or some party celebration!

Moreover similar to a collage of colourful aquarium fishes.Watch the deep black colours between the bright orange ones, they are the black moors, another group of goldfishes..The black moors likely to be trying to get over another gold fish there.. A mobile camera seemed incapable to get such faster movements.

It was really amazing to see the group fight.. Infact it was not a fight but the group of fishes kept moving vigorously...Its a good choice to get a few of this golden and black moors together in your aquarium for they can make an amicable colourful fish society out there.Keep in mind to get an aquarium tank instead of a bowl..Vigorous smart moving fishes indicates that they are healthier. I was holding the camera over the waterlevel of the aquarium to get this snap..

Red Tailed Silver Sharks- The Hyper Active Aquarium Fishes
red tailed silver sharks photographed from aquarium,silver shark,hyper active aquarium fishes,fresh-water-aquarium-fishes The red tailed black finger like aquarium fishes.Silver Sharks.

Looks like small shark fishes in the aquarium.You may know their are warm,cold and saline water aquariums.Saline and warm water aquariums are much expensive and a little hard to maintain. But the type of fishes in them are more attractive multicolored ones.
Fish Facts- Laying Eggs:-
You know, most of the aquarium fishes lay eggs on the plant leaves and other debris like rocks inside the aquarium. Among the few who bear the babies in stomach an example is the guppy.. most of the fishes don't look after their babies and mostly the babies get eaten by the mother fish itself.So its important to isolate the babies from the Fish tank..

Gold Fishes in Aquarium
gold fishes,blurred aquarium photo,gold fish groups in aquarium,cell phone photographs of aquarium gold fishes, cold-water-aquarium-fishes The goldfish community inside the Aquarium

Aquarium Care:-
These gold fishes were priced about 50 INR each in Cochin..Some basic precautions to take while buying an aquarium from an aquarium supplier is to keep an eye on selecting the right group and number of fishes along with an aquarium tank of sufficient size.Fish aquariums must be filled with right type and amount of water before you put your Collection of aquarium fishes in. Well- water if not having harmful chemicals dissolved in, is ideal for cold water fish tanks..you can get some water conditioners from the fish suppliers to get the water treated for harmful chemicals..

Benefit of Aquarium Plants:-
Keeping aquarium plants inside the aquariums is fine for the fishes.Some timid shy fishes feels comfortable in moving around if your fish tank is having adequate amount of aquarium plants. Plants in aquariums absorbs the nitrogen produced from fish wastes and also the carbon di oxide released by the fishes.Some fishes feed on aquarium plants and the plants can also reduce the algae growth by absorbing the nitrogen in water. Don't use water Hyacinth even in your fish Ponds. They are Aqua Life Killers.

Hope can meet soon again with a new one. Hope you may think a little more than before while buying an aquarium.You can go through some more postings already done here on aquariums and aquarium photography.Look for them below category listing or in the archives. You can watch some Piranhas, goldfishes and gouramis there.

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