Kerala River Dam Irrigation Projects- Mangalam dam Palakkad

Photographs and information of minor hydro irrigation projects in kerala the south Indian state..The following are the photographs of a small irrigation river project river dam site from palakkad district of kerala state named as Mangalam.This hydro irrigation project is built across Cherukunnapuzha which is a tributary of Mangalam river and which inturn a tributary of the famous Kerala's river Bharathapuzha..

This dam is built for the irrigation purpose of Alathur taluk in Palakkad district of kerala...The dam project consists of the spillway and a network of  canal syatem to irrigate 3639 hectres of land in the district of palakkad..

mangalam river dam irrigation project photograph from palakkad district of kerala india,photograph of the river dam spillway 
Mangalam Dam Palakkad,  Kerala
The dam's spillway photographed fro the site.. Its view of the dam site in summer season, scarce in water.

river bank and river valley photograph from the mangalam dam reservoir site in palakkad kerala
 The river valley photographed from the mangalam dam site...You can see the clouds crashing on the mountain tops far away..The scenery of the dam's catchment area during summer..

poothundy dam reservoir aerial view photograph taken from palakkad kerala india,photograph of the river hydro dam and its catchment area taken from the mountain pass beside the dam
 A shot of the Pothundy dam from the Hills
Photograph of the Pothundy dam reservoir..You know, instead of using concrete core for the dam this dam is built by using an unusual mixture of jaggery and quick lime.. The concrete used in olden times in kerala..You can see many palaces and dams built of this lime and jaggery mixture in Kerala. They are standing still..The famous Mullaperiyar dam which is in much controversy now is built in this mixture of materials.. Its said that a mixture of jaggery lime and also egg yolk..

 The calm and cool waters...
Breeding of fresh water fishes may be considered in this type of places, you may know about the neyyar dam in trivandrum district of kerala. Instead of fish it had crocodiles in it. a big croc world trying to taste the animals and humans coming to the reservoir for water and fishing.. I think now all the crocodiles are rehabilitated from the dam and no casualties are reported since then.

mangalam dam spillway photograph
 Mangalam dam from palakkad district

This dam construction started by october 1953.The dam and left bank canal was compleated and opened by september 1956...further extension with right bank canal was continued and compleated by 1966..Total expenditure till 1995-96 is about 197 lakhs..

The place is an item to be ordered in the menu of  kerala tourism...Tourists visiting palakkad district will surely happen to visit Mangalam and pothundy dams..Places like Nelliampathy, Nenmara etc are nearly to these dam sites (lesser than 40kms) which are much renown for the scenic natural landscapes and forests in Kerala..

Photography by Anoop Aravind (CWRDM, calicut, Kerala)
Materials collected and provided by Sreerag AS (CWRDM, calicut, Kerala)

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