Golden Retriever photos & info, Dog show photos- Ernakulam, Kerala

Golden Retriever photographed from a pet dog show conducted in Cochin, Kerala, India. A simple dog but very versatile and handy to be trained to use in different fields. Golden Retrievers are also a British native like bulldogs

Golden Retrievers are fast adaptive, energetic, less shy and sweet tempered dogs which can make your favorite family pet. They loves playing with especially children. Golden retrievers are good at swimming, retrieving objects, running etc. They are much active dogs and requires regular exercise like walking, swimming etc.

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Golden Retriever, photographed from the dog show in Ernakulam, Kerala. Infact this was the snap i got unblurred in the cellphone camera as the dog keeps moving around so energetic. this was the only one found that energetic in the show. Some of the dogs were sleeping, some standing turning their back on people, and some of the dogs just laying. The bull dogs seemed so tired and was in deep sleep.

Golden retrievers as the name indicates are found commonly in shades of golden colour. They have a dual coat of hairs. Under body hair are much thick and the dog needs some care in keeping its hairy body combed and brushed. The outer coat of hair is water repelling. The dog sheds its hairs in a low rate but two times a year the hairs are heavily shed. Never shave the hairs of a golden retriever's body for its much needed for him to be used as an insulator from fierce climate outside.

Golden Retrievers grows upto heights of 21 to 24, and weights upto 35 Kgs.  The dogs  have an average lifespan of 12 years. Breeded by the British but now golden retrievers are one of the popular pet dogs among the Americans. 

As per the information board displayed in the dog-show Golden retrievers are dogs from UK, which grows about heights of 56-61 CMs, weights about 26-31 Kg, and are used as hunting dogs, companion dogs, guiding dog, sniffer dogs etc.

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