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Weimaraner pet dogs, hunters by natural instinct. Weimaraners are natives of Germany, they are bread for the first time and for a long time then onwards for the sole purpose to assist hunting. The hunter's perfect dog companion. These dogs are much energetic and continuously moving. Their energy levels may sometimes increase to knockdown a man, especially children when playing together.

Weimaraners are much intelligent dogs, and sometimes the intelligent nature will put the owners in trouble when the dog jumps out of home once it come to know how to open the door or gate. To avoid these type of breaking and naughty characters its advisable to get weimaraners in puppy stage and train it how to behave and socialize with others. Teach the puppy how to sit, for they often jump all around and ram into people than sitting. The dogs are not that ideal for little kids for the risk of knocking down small kids while playing together.

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Walking around impatient!, Weimaraner dog displayed in the Cochin Dog Show photographed with cellphones. Sorry ma digital cam said low battery and gonna sleep, by reaching this stall in the pet exhibition. The dog's tail was docked. Its said that the tails are docked when the dog is two days old. Some claws like the dew claws are also removed. These removals are part of a dog breed standard, the American Kennel Club(AKC) standard. 

Weimaraners dog breeds are packed with much energy and they can work and run around for longer time. These dogs need to be given sufficient exercise as long walks or swimmings else they will become restless. Weimaraners neeed to be trained in the right way to be under your control from a puppy stage. They have to be trained without making them fear you, a kind and affectionate approach makes them listen you. 

These dogs likes to get praised and they may repeat the same trick again and again just after studying it, to get your praise.Weimaraners are  highly athletic dogs with a long  strong back legpairs  which helps them to be on the top among the hunting dogs and also in pet dog sports like Dog Agility

Weimaraners can me trained to love other small animals, emphasis on the word trained. By nature they are not for peace and have the instinct to attack other smaller ones and animals of its size. Its not that safe to leave your rabbit and weimaraner together in the yard. They are found to be attacking deers, sheeps etc. But proper tarining and socializing makes them perfect for your home. They can be made loyal guards to your home. By training weimaraners can be made friends to your pet cats

Weimaraners are commonly found in silver or gray coats and may have some white dots on the chest. Their hair coat is made of short hairs and doesn't need that care but brushing will keep them clean and glazing. They sheds hairs moderately. Weimaranner teeth are closing in scissor like and the cut they make is like the scissors. They are intelligent, obedient and loyal dogs and sometimes are termed as dogs with human like brain

According to the information board displayed in the dog show, Weimaranners are dogs which grows upto 59 to 70 cms, will weights around 30 to 40 Kg and are used for purposes like hunting dog, enthusiastic family dog, companion dog, guard dog,retrieval dogs(point and retrieve) etc. And also they are the dogs bread in Germany and started to get popularized out of Germany only by the half of 20th century. 

Anyway ,if you gonna buy a weimaranner puppy let the first training be done on how to sit!, for these ones energy level doesn't tells them to sit unless being told by someone. You will be avoiding lot of collisions inside family by teaching him to sit. Docking the tail is illegal, if you in Europe, so mind that. Good luck..

Weimaranner are completely different from the bulldogs and a little different from the golden retrievers.

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