Is MEGAPIXEL the Final Word Of Quality????

Most of us may be rating a camera by taking its Mega pixel Count. It is true that as the pixel rate increases the size or resolution of the photo also increases, but you can't blindly say that a camera can produce good quality pictures considering its mega pixel value.

yellow flower in plant photo using nokia n73Photo by: Georjo
Camera: Nokia N73 (3.2mp with carl zeiss lens)
Focus mode: macro

Their are cases where we can see cameras of low mega pixel value performing far better than those with monstrous pixel rates. Small cameras can produce vibrant photos compared to larger ones in certain cases.Have you ever thought why?

flower closeups using sony ericsson w810i cell phonePhoto by: Georjo
Camera: SonyEricsson W810i(2mp)
Focus mode: macro

The megapixel value corresponds to only the size of the photo, or it is the pixel count in unit area. If the value is large we can make large pictures. ie the term MegaPixel corresponds to only the picture size that can be obtained, or larger pixel rate results in higher resolution images. Are you wondering if the resolution is high then what is the problem with quality!!!!!!

Photo by: Georjo
Camera: Nokia N73(3.2mp with carl zeiss lens)
Focus mode: auto

You people know that the finest element of the photo is pixel(picture element) and the group of pixels makes the image. What if the individual pixels are not captured by the camera in its orginal quality.Here comes the superiority of one brand over the other.

pond in kerala photographed using sonyericsson k510i cell phonePhoto by: Sajeesh
Camera: SonyEricsson k510i(1.3mp)
Focus mode: auto

For the photo to be in the desired quality the camera should be capable of capturing each of the pixels in the right the pixels should be captured in its real or true colour as visible to our naked eyes. The image capturing technology changes from brand to brand and the winner is one who can capture the subject more near to the true colour as seen to our eyes.

In short the quality of the picture depends on the quality of the pixel captured by the camere. "Quality is not depending entirely on the number or density of pixels (mega pixels) but the nature of individual pixels captured".

palace hate under clouds image taken using w550i walkman series cell phone cameraPhoto by:Georjo
Camera: SonyEricsson W550i(1.3mp)
Focus mode: auto

You can only know about the quality of the camera by experimenting with it. The colour reproduction, focusing capabilities etc differs with different brands.

I like Sony for its vibrant colour reproduction capabilities. Don't think others are bad for i have my experience mostly with Sony. If you are taking the case of mobile phone cameras don't hesitate to go after a SonyEricsson, for they are proved to be the best cameras on mobiles. You know, SonyEricsson K750 is awarded for the best mobile camera.

Anyway now i feel that you won't get disappointed if somebody says that they owns a 10Mp camera and you have only 5!!!!!!!..

Last but not least, "its not only the camera you are using that matters for good photos, but the person behind who is selecting the angles and lighting conditions to click it"


martin said...

yaar you are right, was wondering why my n72 takes such low quality pics even in good swithing to sony now......

naveen shankar said...

Never count nokia for photo or music... they are only bricks in ur pockets...only the edge is their hard body....hmm the low budgeted pieces are good as minimum phone, nothing else u know nokia uses the technologies of other companies like samsung for displays(16m), another company for sound etc.....the real innovators and quality makers are others like samsung, sony , and moto(inventer of mobiles).....y dont u compare the photos from other manufacturers??

jinu xavier said...

This article gave me the answer for the question that was confusing my mind....

manu said...

thumps up to sony for their camera... am astonished by the photos taken with the sony 1.3mp cams... they seems too much better than the nokia 3mp pics..what is actually nokia means with their 3mp cams. why the the sony's technological edge that makes the difference....I think sony is the best for their crispy sound tooo... I simply love them...I have a w960 and i love the marvellous creation.....

shaun said...

who invented mobiles? answer is motorola..who invented bluetooth the greatest ever made wireless tech? answer is ericsson. who has great innovations in the field of high speed data communication? answer is samsung the great innovators.

then who is nokia? only the one who borrows technologies from others and makes mobiles in their names...can u people spot out a new idea introduced by Nokia?
the only thing nokia can claim is the bigness of their company..

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