Kerala's Temple Elephants Names and Photos- Domestic Asian Elephants in Kerala

Kerala, the southern most part of India has a very vibrant culture of festivals and rituals mostly tied up with Hindu religion. Elephants turned out to be unavoidable in all Hindu festives and rituals...Now tourism,  a major revenue for the Indian state of kerala relies on this unique cultural features of kerala. The photos here are the continuation of the previous Kerala temple elephants photo gallery.

The temples of Kerala have a tradition of domesticating Elephants for the ritual needs.. More over elephants are regarded as the symbol of the Hindu God Ganesha and recently in the temple of Guruvayoor the famous ANAYOOTU was conducted which is a ritual done in the temple yearly..

In ANAYOOTU (elephant feeding) the elephants gathered in front of the temple are feeded by the devotees with delicious food. Done as a religious ritual to get the blessings of Hindu lord Ganesha... Here you can see a few more closeup photos from the elephants of Kerala with their names..

KERALA's Temple Festivals with Decorated Elephants, Pooram Photographed from Thrissur

kerala elephants,elephant photo,pooram,temple festival,elephants in festival,kerala elephant picturesKerala Temple Elephants In a POORAM
Poorams are religious festivals held in temples of Kerala yearly.The festival is conducted for a number of consecutive days and the final day will witness huge celebrations with long posessions or marches with elephants decorated with NETTIPATTOM (that golden lengthy ornament on the elephants forhead) and venchamarom(milky white like brushes held by men on elephants top) and muthukkudas(big colourful cloth umbrellas held by men over elephants).

The disciplined and group movement of the whole group is a feast to eyes especially for tourists. People of kerala has nothing new in it, but participates and enjoys with great enthusiasm, irrespective of any caste or religion..

Elephant And Mahouts, Decorated Elephant Taken to Temple for Pooram

elephant-names-and-photo,keralas-elephant-names,Kerala-temple-elephant-SOORYAN,elephant-pictureElephant of kerala named Sooryan
The elephants will be given much training before putting into the purposes . The seasons of festivals of kerala will be a little hectic to these elephants, but now the period of monsoon, they are in long holidays.. Given delicious and medicinal foods,and allowed to relax. May helps them to replenish their health..
Elephant Photographed From Temple Premises

pampady rajan,gajarajan,keralas-elephant,good-elephant-of-kerala,elephant-gajarajan,kerala-elephant-photoElephant named Pamapady Rajan
Elephants also does some fashion shows.. The winner will be called GAJA RAJAN,
and the above one pampady rajan, has got GAJARAJA crown a number of times.. Elephant is measured for its beauty considering number of factors like trunks length, tusk's length and shape, fore head breadth etc. Am not an expert to explain friends, so pardon..

Man Posing with a Temple Elephant, Photographed from Thrissur-Kerala
asian elephants,elephant-shankar,indian-elephant,keralas-mighty-elephantsElephant named SHANKAR
One of the most adorable and intelligent creatures that man have made friendship with.. Its said that an elephant can identify a man from his smell even after years.. These are considered intelligent animals for their memory and also the Hindu religion treats these as animals of divinity. Hmm it justifies to their presence in temples..

Big Elephants of Kerala
temple elephant,sankaranarayanan,elephant of-kerala,elephant-photo-with-namesElephant of kerala named SHANKARANARAYANAN
Kerala have over 600 elephants under captivity under Temples and also under Individuals..About 500 of them are male and are called bull.You know what, elephants can perceive a wide range of sound signals for they posses that large ear flaps and is found out to be communicating with fellow elephants with sound not perceivable to humans..

That long trunk is the combination of his upper lips and nose.. Do you know, he can carry upto 10 litres of water in that trunk, and consumes more than 250 liters of water a day. And the sweat glands are a few and explains the intermittent movement of his ear flaps to cool his body..

Elephant Inside Temple
elephant named SEKHARAN,temple-elephant-names,kerala-elephants-names-photos,temple-elephantElephant named Sekharan
Long trunk of an elephant is considered to be a sign of ideal Elephant..Said that it should be touching the ground. You know an elephant trunk is having more than a 100000 muscles and it is used for grabbing, smelling, collecting food, breathing, trumpets, and to wet own body by spraying water. Hmm God gave a built in Water Sprayer. Elephants has a few sweat glands which are inside its trunk, and obviously sweating is done through trunk..

These Elephant photos are taken with Nokia 6120c and Sony cybershot DSC-S600 by my friend Sreerag.Ok friends, stopping for now. The Elephant Picture gallery is not yet over, still to be added..
Stay glued for more pictures on tourism in India-kerala, and many other attractions too

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